Scamdex Sitemaps

Scamdex Sitemaps and How To Use Them

Scamdex provides a handy-dandy sitemap so that any robots (and you know who you are!) can find any and all pages on the scamdex website without having to dive from link to link and end up in potentially recursive levels of bot hell. I'm not mentioning names, but it seems some crawlers are just a little creepier than others (Ugh! I hate spiders, and Cuils are downright annoying and don't even get me started on those arsehole spambot screen scraping content thieves and automated php/sql injection probes). Again, you know who you are and I have some cunning little traps set for nosey and/or incompetent bots who trundle around poking their snouts in places where they haven't been invited.

Anyway, should you want to be well-behaved and treat scamdex like a gentleman, then this page is for you (actually, if you've got to this page, you're probably already lost, so you should probably packup your toolkit and go home).


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