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Scamdex is a massive Archive of Emails from Scammers, going back to 2004. It is also a place where you can research and learn about scams - how they work, what to look for, how to avoid getting scammed. We analyse Scam Emails, indexing, categorizing and scoring emails.
Our mission is to collect, classify and index Scam Emails as fast as they appear, making the information contained available for viewing within minutes of being received.

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Scam Email Archive

Since 2004, Scamdex has been collecting and classifying and publishing all the Scam Emails we have received. That's around One Hundred Thousand Emails! Take a look and see the kind of tricks these scumbag people use to part you from your money. Logo

Scam Tip Off Reports

Seen a Scam and want to Report it? Go to to publicize a scam that you've seen (anonymously, if you like) or a scammer that has tried to rip you off.

Scam Classifications

Scamdex sorts it's huge archive of Email Scams into several classifications

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