Fresh Scams - The Latest Scam Emails Received

The Archive
The Scamdex archive is probably the largest and oldest indexed, freely searchable list of scam emails received since 2003. Continually updated on an hourly basis using hand-crafted tools to categorize, index, analyse and present. The database currently contains 71,068 emails as of Nov 15, 2011.
We get our emails from a range of 'honeypot' email accounts, all emails are 'SPAM' by definition because the email addresses are unpublished. Spammers harvest email addresses from webpages owned by Scamdex that were put there for that purpose alone. They also do dictionary mailbombings where they send email to a bunch of common names at Scamdex-monitored domain names (,, etc.)
Our mission is to get scam emails listed and indexed (by the search engines) as soon as practicable. This means that a search from Google, Bing, Baidu, Ask etc. will return the relevant page, prominantly marked as a scam. This is the best way we know of alerting people to often very fast-moving scammers, who change their methods, email addresses, websites etc. specifically to avoid detection by SPAM/SCAM filters. Due to the automated system, there will be duplicates and the archive may contain the odd SPAM or HAM email that has slipped in. If you feel your email has been wrongly categorized as a scam, perhaps you shouldn't use spammers to get your message out.

Latest Scam Emails Received by Scamdex