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The controversy continues. Can you increase your gas milage by simply popping a few inexpensive pills inthe tank with the next fill-up? The jury is out, but there are a lot of people who want to convince you to buy them, or failing that, to re-sell them.

Since I reported the email, BioPerformance has grown like black mold. Websites have sprung from nowhere touting this stuff. DOes it work? The forum is the bext place for this so read carefully and pick your viewpoint. Scamdex hates MLMs and makes the following suggestions:

  1. I'm a cynic and instrinctively distrust any product that is sold thru 'Multi-level-markeing'. By it's very nature, MLM tends to attract the 'quick buck' and less morally fussy individuals. Ask yourself, if a product is this great - why not just sell it directly and let it's reputation drive more sales?
  2. Before getting involved in this or any other MLM scheme, do some personal research, including running your own vehicles for a week or two to see if the claims you are about to make to your 'downline' (aka customers) have some validity. Will you accept the legal liability if things don't go as planned?
  3. Be prepared NOT o become an overnight millionaire. The people who win in this business are the ones who set it up.

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Dec 6 2005 : Gas Pill Scam - Update

Since I posted this story, many people have asked for the identity of the preacher but only one person has emailed me to complain (reproduced here).

Wow, you must not have tried these pills because if you had you would be so inclined to speak out, so far from the truth. Please, do those of us, who know the truth about this wonderful product and preacher, a favor and shut-up when you do not have a clue what you are talking about. I feel sorry for a person who has nothing more to do with his life than search for or try to create negative.

It seems he has moved form the spiritual to the corporate life. A self-described Internet Marketer cum preacher of some renown is now listed as the president of a new organization running a MLM (Multi-Level Marketting) scheme.

Perhaps this product (BioPerformance) is as miraculous as the specifications suggest, perhaps we will all become millionaires like Lowell, perhaps pigs will indeed sprout wings and take to the air. DYOR and please, let me know if you try them. I love to be proved wrong.

In the meantime, here's another site that claims to dish the dirt on pills, devices and other means of boosting gas milage. Click

Sept 16 2005 : Gas Pill Scam?

I was recently sent an email that urged the recipient to buy 'pills' that increased gas mileage by up to 35%. What was worrying is that the email was sent by a well-known evangelist/preacher . Sounds like a classic 'snake-oil' scam to me. He asks for checks to be made out personally to himself. When queried about the 'pill', I got some veiled legal threats, along with this bit of techno-garbage Click to read
I did some research and asked Simon Cotton, the author of a very informative article on the subject of Petroleum Additives for his opinion
. His reply was as follows:

"As far as I can see, it looks like psychobabble. There is no way that the stuff he claims is there can alter the structure of the hydrocarbons. Phrases like "snake-oil salesman" come to mind.... I don't believe it!
I suggest that you challenge him to say precisely what substances are put in it!
Tetraethyl lead is seriously toxic, but benzene and toluene, the kinds of additives put in UK petrol are not much better! If your cat is not warmed up, any unburnt benzene makes it into the air.
As far as I can see- petrol-ethanol is a much better bet.
Ethanol was suggested as a petrol additive in the 1920s at the same time as tetraethyl lead, but the Americans had the problem of making and distributing it on a large scale while prohibition was on!
As I understand it, a lot of covering up about the toxicity of tetraethyl lead took place in the 1920s.Seyferth's articles are well worth reading about this.
(Dietmar Seyferth, The Rise and Fall of Tetraethyllead. 1. Discovery and Slow Development in European Universities, 1853-1920, Organometallics, 2003, 22, 346. Dietmar Seyferth, The Rise and Fall of Tetraethyllead. 2 , Organometallics, 2003, 22, 5154 )."

SO.... is there ANY truth in the claims the preacher is making? Let me know!

FTC Offers Advice on Dealing With Rising Gas Prices
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a Consumer Alert entitled, "Dubious ‘Gas-Saving’ Gadgets Can Drive You to Distraction," that informs consumers about both gas-saving devices with questionable benefit and "tried and true steps to deal with rising gas prices."

Read the FTC Report Here

I have personally used the BioPerformance Fuel Pill in several vehicles, gas and diesel.  I have had a range of improvement in fuel economy from 16% up to 39% with these vehicles. We have also seen increased power at lower rpm's.  The product is working for us.  I am curious, have you tried the Bioperformance product?  Or do you just start off being negative about everything?  Let me know your true and honest results.   
  Sincerely,  David Lemon

Email from a satisfied user - David Lemon
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