The Scam Email Archive : September, 2019

The Scam Email Archive for September, 2019. Dates are those taken from the emails and may be spoofed.
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S Advance Fee Fraud/419       P Phishing, ID Theft       A Auction/Escrow       L Lotto/Lottery       E Employment/Job       G Generic      

Date: 08 September, 2019

001  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Business Proposal    Maemi Ishibashi
Business Proposal
Maemi Ishibashi <>
Hello, I have sent mail to you previously ,maybe it didn't delivered. I am Maemi Ishibashi By name. I am sorry for contacting you directly to your email. I will like to talk to you about something very important. Please acknowledge my email so I can provide you with details.await your response.Best Regards,Maemi Ishibashi
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002  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S BUSINESS PROPOSAL    STEPHENSON RICHARD
Eng Stephenson Richards
(Manager 14 Project Allocation)
Hello ,
I am a member of the contract award committee and 14 project allocation manager, of the Department of Minerals and Natural Resources in South Africa; I am in search of an agent to assist us in the transfer of (USD32.5M) and subsequent investment in properties in your country. You will be required to.
(1) Assist in the trans
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003  Classified as a  scam  Please Respond!    Pastor John Waters
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Date: 07 September, 2019

004  Classified as a  scam  Dear Trusting Friend in God,    Cynthia Pattison
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005  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Re: INVESTMENT/LOAN ATTENTION NEEDED 71 3    MICHEAL KAL
Good day,
I am financial consultant based in Doha Qatar. I have a client from a ruling family Retired Qatari
Government Official he is one of this people with floating free cash for major investments Or Loan
and he also have a direct contact for individual companies interested in buying Jets Fuel, Crude
Oil & gas, gold and diamond.
He wishes to invest in a stable economy outside Qatar and his interest is in companies with
potentials for rapid growth in long terms. My client is interested in placing part of his funds
into your company or private businesses, if your country's bi-laws allow foreign Investors/
Thanks for your kind cooperation expecting to hear from you soonest if
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Date: 06 September, 2019

006  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Dear Sir, ......    David William HIRST
Dear Sir, ......
"David William HIRST" <>
Dear Sir,
I am outsourcing individuals with sound Financial Management abilities to manage a vast capital for
an Arab Angel Investor with embattled political situation. These funds can be invested in tranches
of USD50M or a tranche that is suitable for the portfolio manager.
If you have Financial Management abilities, credible projects in need of funding or existing
businesses requiring expansion, we would be willing to work with you
David William HIRST
Managing Partner
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Date: 05 September, 2019

007  Classified as a Generic scam G COMPENSATION SETTLEMENT OF ESCROW ACCOUNTS    Mrs. Christine Lagarde
"Mrs. Christine Lagarde"<>
Address: 700 19th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20431, USA
Tell: +1(937)771-1027
It is a pleasure to write you that we have reconciled with our logistic department on the
reimbursement of some fund spent by you during the cause of your inadequate dealings with some
imposters who claim to be staff in banks and other regional payment centres.
Our reconciliation teams with the prospectus instrument of the United Nations after freezing
suspected imposters account. This support was fully effective with the help of World Bank after a
summit meeting in United States, on the financial analysis on financial stability issues
fluctuating their economy with the international global standard.
After gatherin
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008  Classified as a Generic scam G Read Attached Proposal    Steven Walker
Read Attached Proposal
"Steven Walker" <>
Greetings To You.pdf
File: Adobe PDF document
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009  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Atendimento Nacional    Comercial
Atendimento Nacional
"Comercial" <>
SaÃde Empresarial à com a Bradesco.
- Atendimento Nacional-
Atendimento ao cliente 24h por dia- Mais de 28 mil clÃnicas e
consultÃrios- Seguro para empresas a partir de 3 vidas- Clube de
Vantagens Bradesco - Plano OdontolÃgico incluso
FaÃa uma cotaÃÃo On-Line!CLIQUE
Este e-mail foi enviado de acordo com as normas da ABEMD -
Associacao Brasileira de Marketing DiretoCertifique-se de que seus
e-mails cheguem à sua caixa de entrada, e nÃo Ãs pastas de e-mails em massa ou
lixo eletrÃnico. Para garantir a entrega dos e-mails, adicione-nos à lista
de remetentes confiÃveis do catÃlogo de endereÃos.Vocà pode se
descadastrar aqui ou enviando um e-mail para: com o
assunto remover.
Livre de v&#x
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You can reach us for booking and customer service
2202 2849
*Also Available in English, Arabic and Turkish
Kuwait Marketing Department | Kuveyt Satış Departmanı
Al Dhow Tower, First Floor, Sharq/Kuwait
Bu E-mail mesaji ve ekleri,isimleri yazili alicilar disindaki kisilere aciklanmamasi,dagitilmamasi ve iletilmemesi gereken kisiye ozel ve gizli bilgiler icerebilir.Mesajin muhatabi degilseniz lutfen gonderici ile irtibat kurunuz,mesaj ve
eklerini siliniz.E-mail sistemlerinin tasidigi guvenlik risklerinden dolayi
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011  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Remittance Advice    Clara Capelli
Remittance Advice
"Clara Capelli" <>
Hi SubmittedEmails,I tried to call your office, and there is no answer.
We have completed the payment, please confirm our Swift copy attached. Funds should be in your bank account within 2-3 working days.
Our apologies for any delays.
Best regards,
Clara CapelliZumac EnterprisesAccount Department T. +39 035 4943458
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012  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Beloved In Christ    Mrs Alex Bean
Beloved In Christ
"Mrs Alex Bean" <>
Dear Beloved In Christ,
Sorry to invade your privacy, I am Mrs. Bean Alex the wife of Mr. Angelo Alex, my husband worked
with Central Bank Of Philippines for ten years before he died in the year 2016. When my late
husband was alive he deposited some amount of Money with china Bank in which the amount will be
declared to you once you respond to this message indicating your interest in helping to receive the
fund and use it for Gods work as my wish.Presently, this money is still with the Bank, I am in an
hospital in Philippines receiving treatment and my doctor has confirmed to me that I have just few
days to live on earth due to my esophageal cancer.
Please I am choosing you to receive this money on my behalf and use it to help the less privilege.
Contact me on my private email for further instruction so I can introduce you to the bank through
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013  Classified as a Generic scam G Representative proposal    Sasithorn Hongprasert
Representative proposal
"Sasithorn Hongprasert"<>
We are looking for representatives in Europe that can help our company in receiving money from our
customers based in Europe. Most of our customers pay with domestic cash deposit and we don't have a
foreign account that will clear these monies. As our representative you will receive 10% of any
money you collect for the company. That will be how you will be paid by the company and the rest of
the money will be paid into an account we will provide for you by the European payment coordinator.
If you are interested in this offer please send your NAME, CONTACT ADDRESSS and TELEPHONE NUMBER to
Yours sincerely,
Sasithorn Hongprasert
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Date: 04 September, 2019

014  Classified as a Generic scam G Eng. Mohamed Fathy from Oman    Mohamed Fathy
Eng. Mohamed Fathy from Oman
"Mohamed Fathy"<>
Hi, how are you doing? I would like to discuss something very
important with you as soon as you reply to my private E-mail
Eng. Mohamed Fathy from Oman
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015  Classified as a Generic scam G Business Proposal    Mr. Alfred Chow
Business Proposal
"Mr. Alfred Chow" <>
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Alfred Cheuk Yu Chow, the Director for Credit & Marketing Chong
Hing Bank, Hong Kong, I have a Business Proposal of USD$$38,980,369.00
(Thirty Eight Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand, Three Hundred
and Sixty Nine USD) for you to transact with me Contact me via my
email address if interested:
Yours Sincerely,
Alfred Chow
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016  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E 50% Advance Payment    Vikash kushwaha
50% Advance Payment
Vikash kushwaha <>
Dear sir ,
Please find the attached 50% advance detail.
Thanks & Regards,
Vikash kushwaha,
Asst. Manager Purchase,Impression Systems & Engg. Pvt LtdGat No. 357/68/69,Waghjai Nagar, Kharabwadi,Chakan, Tel-Khed, Pune,Maharashtra - 410
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Date: 03 September, 2019

017  Classified as a Lotto/Lottery scam L CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE MEGA LOTTERY PICKER 2019.   
Lucky Winner,
We are delighted to inform you of the MEGA LOTTERY PICKER 2019 DRAW held on AUG/17/2019; Due to mix
up of names and numbers the results were released on AUG/21/2019. Your name attached to ticket
number: 01890419 with serial number: 9912 drew lucky numbers: 4-13-21-27-36-38 with bonus ball 45
which consequently won in the 3rd category, you have therefore been approved the winner for a
lump sum pay out of Four Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($4,500,000.00)
Congratulations! Note: This is a tax-free draw and all participants were selected through a
computer ballot system drawn from Over 40,000,000, people worldwide.
Please kindly download the attachement for more information on how to claim your won Prize
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018  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E From Mohammad Yassine    Mohammad Yassine
From Mohammad Yassine
"Mohammad Yassine"<>
--- End Message ---Attached Message:
We are interested to partnership with your company as we are seeking to
diversify our financial portfolio into viable and lucrative business
projects that worth it, We are most interested in partnerships business
ventures such as Medical and Health care projects, Real estate projects,
mining projects, agricultural projects renewable energy projects, start-up
projects and business expansions / Loan with lower rate, Your swift response
is highly needed.
Best Regard,
Mohammad Yassine
Email .
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019  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E be nice    maria
be nice
maria <>
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020  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E i can see your face    maria
i can see your face
maria <>
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021  Classified as a Generic scam G About 20190809 Machine Order and Part Former Machine.    Gloria Lii
About 20190809 Machine Order and Part Former Machine.
"Gloria Lii" <>
Dear Sales,
Our president Kem Clark placed an order with you on 8/9.
However, we donât receive proforma until now.
Does this order be processed?
I am looking forward to your reply.
Thank you!
Yours sincerely,
Gloria Li
 TEL:07-3893620  FAX:07-3893479
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022  Classified as a Generic scam G Reminder    Smadar Barber-Tsadik
"Smadar Barber-Tsadik" <>
Sorry to break into your privacy in this manner, I'm Smadar Barber-Tsadik, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of First International Bank of Israel Ltd (FIBI). I am getting in touch with you regarding an extremely important and urgent matter. If you would oblige me the opportunity, I shall provide you with details upon your response.Faithfully,Smadar Barber-Tsadik
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Date: 02 September, 2019

023  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Bonjour c\\\'est Mme ROUX Florence au sujet du Don!!!    Roux Martine
Bonjour c'est Mme ROUX Florence au sujet du Don!!!
Roux Martine <>
Bonjour,Je suis veuve Mme ROUX Florence , mÃdecin sans frontiÃre. J'ai 76 ans, atteinte d'un cancer, je pense que ma maladie et la vieillesse meconsument à petit feu. Les deux enfants que j'ai eu dans ma vie et monfeu Ãpoux qui fÃt nÃgociant dans l'or et le pÃtrole au Qatar ontmalheureusement pÃri dans le crash d'avion en Libye. Qu'ils reposenten paix !!!Il nous arrive des moments dans la vie oà nous faisons face à beaucoupde situations, tel est mon cas actuellement oà je voudrais partagermes derniers moments en vous contactant ce jour.Depuis mon retour des vacances en Afrique de l'Ouest, cette douleur me rongedepuis toujours jusqu'à ce moment oà vous me lisez et en plus de celail m'ait Ãtà annoncà que le cancer dont je souffre aura raison de moi.J'ai immÃdiatement consultà mon pasteur en R&#
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024  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E You?ve won   
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Date: 01 September, 2019

025  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Mail Account Update
Mail Account Update
"" <>
Email Administrator Notification
Attention Mail User " " ,
You have some Incoming messages that have been placed on hold.
Kindly UPDATE your account below to access incoming messages and to avoid mail malfunction / Shutdown.
Update now
Note:  Mail Administrator will always keep you posted of security updates.
Thanks and Regards,Mail Admin (C) 2019 Secured Service.
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026  Classified as a Generic scam G Re [ Details About ]    European Debt Recovery
Re [ Details About ]
"European Debt Recovery" <>
Hello ,
   I'm very sorry to reach you through this
medium. I am a member of the European Debt Recovery Unit and I am aware
of your ordeal about your unpaid fund.
  It may interest you to know that not long after
the Debt Management Office (DMO) completed the merger and acquisition
process of all pending payments occasion through the petition raised by
the international community about their unpaid funds. I discovered that
their boss connived with some top officials to divert funds approve to
settle unpaid inheritances, email lottery winners, Internet scam
victims, unclaimed consignments(concealed funds) and International
    The DMO has already given the approval to pay
your fund but they deliberately withheld your payment file and continue
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027  Classified as a Generic scam G Email Info    Osman Suleyman
Email Info
"Osman Suleyman"<>
Dear friend,
I am Mr. Osman Suleyman; I work with the audit department of a bank here in the Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyrus (TRNC) Central Bank in Cyprus. I need your partnership in a funds transfer process
involving an unclaimed deposit. All efforts to trace any living relative of the deceased customer
did not yield any positive result. I can use my office to present you as next of kin to the
deceased and have the funds transferred for our mutual benefit. There are no risks whatsoever
attached. I will personally oversee the process of the transfer of funds from the bank to your
Get back to me immediately for more details. Please reply to my private email (
Best Regards,
Osman Suleyman
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