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Date: 31 July, 2019

001  Classified as a Generic scam G REQUEST FOR QUOTATION-COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co., Ltd    Xiaolong Y
Xiaolong Y <>
Dear Sir,We are in the process of procurement and we have sent you our Request for Quotation.Attached please find additional data, as announced in our enquiry.Some specific requirement have been spelled out in the attachment.You are advised to read all the instruction before submitting your quotation.We look forward to receiving your quotation.Best regards,Xiaolong Y.|Procurement Dept.COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co., Ltd.Add: Song Jia Industrial park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liao Ning Province, 116113, ChinaDirect: +86-411-87117748Fax: +86-411-87606580Mobile: +86-13904285430E-mail: yuxiaolong@cosco-shipyard.comWebsite:
Request For Qoutation-Cosco Shipyard.rar
File: application/rar-compressed
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Date: 28 July, 2019

002  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Regards
"" <>
Hello,My name is Klein R. Werner, i represent a good investor as a financial consultant. We need good and viable business plans from capable companies all over the world.My principal investor can invest in your viable project if you do have any, so if you and your company welcomes our business proposal, both parties will meet face to face to decide and discuss proceedings; after-which the investor will visit your project site for inspection in your country before going forward with proper documentation and funding.Please do well to indicate your interest with a timely response at kleinwerner@live.comRegards,Klein R. Werner
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Date: 22 July, 2019

003  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Hello friend //   
Hello friend //
Good to speak with you.
My Name is Rupnarain Kamal, one of the Directors-Standard Bank of South Africa. You may receive
this message with surprise, but it's the urgent need for you to stand as beneficiary to unclaimed
legitimate fund from my bank.
A deposit account was opened by a customer Wolfgang Friedrich, Deutsch Nationality who was a
consultant contractor with the federal ministry of mines and power in South Africa. He made a
number of deposit with the bank over a period of time which has been rolled over many times yearly
to cumulative value of $22,583,112.00, while expecting Wolfgang Friedrich to come forward to claim
his fund which he never did.
As a bank, series of notification has been sent to his forwarding address but got no reply. I
secretly contacted his manager that had worked in his consulting office, only to discover that
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004  Classified as a Generic scam G Re: Your Payment Approved For Release.    U.N.O/IMF
Re: Your Payment Approved For Release.
United Nation/International Monetary Fund
Debt Reconciliation Department.
Committee on Human Settlements Program
Contract And Your Inheritance fund Payment Notification
Attn: Beneficiary
This is to inform you that U.S.A government, world Bank, IMF and United Nations has setup a Joint Commission to release all the contract, inheritance, lottery and other entitlement claim and also compensation for scam victims and your name is in the list of UN entitlement claim, all the irregularities has been resolved and there is an approval to pay you the sum of $10.5million without delay, because this Commission is programmed to ensure that you receive your entitlement.
The Commission does hereby give this irrevocable approval order with this release code: gnc/3480/10/18 in your favor for your entitlement, approved by world bank, that your fund should be released throu
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Date: 21 July, 2019

005  Classified as a Generic scam G RE:Following up Order Request    Ted Toledano MODLOFTt
RE:Following up Order Request
"Ted Toledano MODLOFTt" <>
Dear All,Kindly be noted that we have been trying to contact you since Monday last week but unfortunately we couldnât reach you by phone, we need an urgent reply from your side regarding the needed production and expiry dates for this order.
Please see attached for order request.
Awaiting your prompt reply the soonest.
Thanks a million!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
TED TOLEDANO Managing Director
Modloft â Design The Life You Love
Direct: (305) 779-9146
Address: 1810 NE 144 Street, North Miami, FL 33181
File: MS-Excel spreadsh
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006  Classified as a Generic scam G Our New WhatApps Contact: +8617156835540    Email Market China
Our New WhatApps Contact: +8617156835540
"Email Market China"<>
WhatsApp Numbers For Major Countries Added.
WhatsApp Contact        +8617156835540
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007  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S \\\"Wire Transfer Release From Investec Private Bank\\\"    United Nations Office
"Wire Transfer Release From Investec Private Bank"
"United Nations Office"<>
Dear Beneficiary,
This is to inform you that we have been instructed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and
Department of Homeland Security to carry out the transfer of your funds valued US$15, 000, 000.00
(Fifteen Million US Dollars) which was On-Hold in our Bank from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to
any Bank Account of your choice upon your response to this email.
However, you are required to fill correctly the below details and send it back to us with a copy of
your identification via email for further verification purpose before final transfer is made to you
as instructed.
Bank Name:
Account Number:
Routing Number:
Swift code:
Account Name:
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008  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S very confidential    Mohammad Gaddafi
very confidential
Mohammad Gaddafi <>
How are you doing today?
With due respect, *PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND MY EMAIL.*  I am Mohammad Gaddaffi and my family and I are hiding on political  asylum somewhere. For your personal information, my family has a  big family treasure for investment for the benefit of my family and  yours too.  30% of the family treasure will be your entitlement for your help.  Write me back for more information, while you make sure to be  very confidential with this all important issue.  Regards,  Mohammad.
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009  Classified as a Generic scam G CV - OFFSHORE COORDINATOR / RO / HLO    MANI KUMAR
Dear Sir / Madame
Good Day.
I am seeking suitable Onshore/Offshore Position as I have good
International Offshore working experience.
1. Offshore Coordinator/ Crew Administrator
2. Radio Officer
3. Purser/ Offshore Personnel âLogistics Administrator
Holding valid Passport, GMDSS / COP, Panama, Liberian & Indian
Seamenâs book, Opito Bosiet / H2S, HLO, SSO, ISPS, OGUK, GMCA & ILO
Medical & Yellow fever vaccination etc.,
Available on short notice with worldwide relocation.
Best Regards,
Mani Kumar
Mob +91 9840879188 ( Call & Whatâs App)
+94 779251669 (Call)
CV- Gopalan-2019 x.doc
File: MS-Word document
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Date: 20 July, 2019

010  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S I approach you for assistance    Mr.katongue patrick,
I approach you for assistance
"Mr.katongue patrick," <>
Good day,
I am contacting you in confidence and as a means of developing a cordial and
fruitful business relationship with you. My name is mr katongue patrick,
citizen of Democratic Republic of the Congo but here in South African and i am
interested in investing here in South Africa.I have been in South Africa for
close to 1 week now trying to see If I can get a business partner who knows
about business and investment so I can invest my money through him or her
and this is the reason I also contacted you.
I purposely and personally contact you as I am interested for a credible
fruitful business relationship with you. I hope you would acknowledge our
business cooperation with the best of your understanding. I need your
collaborative partnership to invest with you here in South Africa, and I
would like us to have a
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Date: 19 July, 2019

011  Classified as a Generic scam G Congratulations once again    STRONGA ABOGADOS Y ASESORES
Congratulations once again
Den soctt <>
Den soctt
Jul 19 at 2:15 PM
Calle de Nъсez de Balboa, 54,
28001 Madrid, Espaсa.
REFERENCE Nє: BOS/ 76058/2017/LMB
BATCH Nє: EGS/1983-022 /11/MD
We are happy to inform you
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012  Classified as a Generic scam G Your Flight booking is confirmed    My Trip
Your Flight booking is confirmed
"My Trip"<>
Thank you for booking your flight with us.
Your ticket has been confirmed and flight Ticket enclosed!
INVOICE 000Z129341
-------- TRANSACTION CHARGE USD 35.00  -------------------------------------------- 
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Date: 18 July, 2019

013  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Request for quotations    AMP Supply Chain
Request for quotations
"AMP Supply Chain" <>
Good Day,
Please find attached herewith a request for quotation for your kind attention.We require these components at your earliest convenience. We now await for your urgent response.
Mpumi SitholeProcurement Officer
Tel: +27 011 219 7311
Fax:+27(0)86 536 2313e-mail:
Anglo American Platinum Limited55 Marshall Street, Johannesburg 2001.
A member of the Anglo American plc group
RFQ For Supply of 15 Pumps.pdf
File: Adobe PDF document
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014  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Financial and project financing    MILITELLO LEONARDO
Financial and project financing
We actually assist our client to provide financial facilities for the business and long projects.
We liase with our big investors here in the middle east to extend
this facilities to trusted and verified client,They are ready to finance your project. We offer
flexible financial packages for various projects by passing the
usual and formal procedures.
We are willing to provide financing for up to 500 Million USD and above depending on the nature of
the business. We are currently providing funds.
We would like you to provide us with a comprehensive business plan for our team of investment
expert review.
* Business Start-up
* Business Acquisition
* Business Expansion
* Commercial Real Estate purchase
* Contract Execution, etc
Do reply to if you have need for our investment facility fo
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015  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Apply Now At 3%    Loan Offer
Apply Now At 3%
"Loan Offer" <>
Do you Need a loan or finance to expand or start a business at 3%? Or are you struggling with
financial problems of all kinds?
Apply for a genuine loan now and put a stop to all your financial barriers. For more information
and application,send your reply to:
For your application provide us with the below information for your loan terms: Send all your
replies to email:
Full Name:
Loan Amount Need:
Loan Duration:
Phone Number:
Monthly Income:
This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.
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Date: 17 July, 2019

016  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Hope To Hear From You?    Antonio Capilla
Hope To Hear From You?
"Antonio Capilla"<>
I am Antonio Capilla, a financial and investment management lawyer and an investment consultant law firm based in Spain. I need your partnership/assistance to invest (US$10 Million Dollars) in any good yielding business investment in your country on behalf of my client, and you shall get 30% out of the funds for your assistance.
Due to the sensitivity of my client’s position, the funds shall be invested in your company or personal name to make the fund release process easier. If interested, kindly write me back urgently for more details and to enable us proceed.
I await your reply.
Antonio Capilla
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017  Classified as a Generic scam G Re: Re: Payment Advice    Abdullah Himel
Re: Re: Payment Advice
Abdullah Himel <>
 Dear Sir,
Please find the attached slip slip for the below invoice:
Confirm upon safe receipt.
Kind Regards,
Abdullah Himel
Akij House, L-02, 198 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak,
Tejgoan, Dhaka -1208, Bangladesh.
MP: +880 1916698910, LP: +880 9613311621,
Email:  [
File: Adobe PDF document
<<attachment: Payment_Advice_________________pdf.gz>>
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018  Classified as a Generic scam G Lieve groetjes    Patrick Wakasilinda
Lieve groetjes
"Patrick Wakasilinda"<>
Som Patrick Wakasilinda, nбcelnнk љtбbu americkйho letectva. Ako viete, kaћdэ den nбs napadli
povstalci a bomby. Pocas jednej z naљich zбchrannэch misiн sme narazili na trezor obsahujъci
obrovskй mnoћstvo penazн, ktorй patria revolucionбrom, ktorн si ich myslia, ћe ich pouћijъ pri
nбkupe zbranн a streliva, a vљetky prнtomnй strany sa dohodli, ћe peniaze budъ rozdelenй medzi nбs.
Z celkovйho fondu bol mфj podiel pдtnбst miliуnov dolбrov (15 miliуnov USD). Hladбm vaљu pomoc na
evakuбciu mфjho podielu na peniazoch, to je 15 miliуnov dolбrov odtialto, pokial ma mфћete
ubezpecit, ћe pouE
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019  Classified as a Generic scam G Hello    Caroline Sharapova
Caroline Sharapova <>
We write to inform you about your lottery inheritance award winning check of $9.8 million USD which was issued out from the bank last week, although the check has been cashed & converted to ATM Visa card, reason, the check was cashed & loaded into a card is because the check may get expired before it gets to your possession, therefore we have registered the ATM card with FedEx courier company here.  So you are advise contact them via their info below, please ensure you send them your current address where to deliver the ATM card.
FedEx Manager: Marc Butler
Endeavor to indicate the ATM parcel registration number to them which is ( ATM-067CZ ) when contacting them. Sincerely yours,
Caroline Sharapova Esq OON,
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020  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Business Opportunity    Brian Miller
Business Opportunity
Brian Miller <>
I am Brian Miller The Marketing executive of Edificio El Pentagono Inc. We have the mandate of a private investor who want to invest it's equity assets into any of construction, real estate/Property, hotel/resort, textiles, Information tech, Pharmaceuticals, Oil/gas and Mining/energy industries in your country. So we are looking for a reliable person to help us execute this great opportunity.
Also Edificio El Pentagono Inc offer Equity financing to businesses as a loan management system.
For more information or If interested ,please message me on
Best sincerely,
Brian Miller
Edificio El Pentagono Inc
BrightRock Life Ltd is an authorised financial services provider and registered insurer. Company registration no: 1996/014618/06, FSP 11643. This email message and its attachments are confidential. If you are not the person the email is addressed
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Date: 16 July, 2019

021  Classified as a Generic scam G Personal    Hassan
Good day.
I got your contact from a business director online and I am contacting you because I have a
proposition that could be of great interest to you. I represent the interest of my brother in-law
who was a minister in the Syrian Government. As you probably know, there is a lot of crisis and war
going on currently in Syria and my brother in-law has been one of the few people to publicly oppose
the Government's policy on this senseless war and killings of innocent citizens that has been going
on for a long time. Due to his support for the opposition to put an end to this war and install a
more peaceful regime, the current Government are now out to unlawfully arrest and seize all of his
assets. Their plan is to incapacitate and frustrate my brother in-law so that he would not have the
resources needed to continue his campaign towards peace and justice i
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022  Classified as a Generic scam G GOOD NEWS    INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND
24 Brunswick Square
Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2HW,
London, UK
Our Ref:-IMF/LUK/EBP/3290/21                  
Attn: Approved Beneficiary: Payment File Ref: IMF/CB/GH-0932
For the Strict Attention of:Beneficiary
We would like to inform you that your payment record has been listed in the IMF ongoing debt settlement program for disbursing
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Date: 15 July, 2019

023  Classified as a Generic scam G *Loan at 3% ROI per Annum*    C. HOARE & CO
*Loan at 3% ROI per Annum*
"C. HOARE & CO" <>
37 Fleet Street London EC4P 4DQ
(sat nav - EC4Y 1BT)
Telephone:+44 2033897785
Fax:+ + 44 (0)20 7353 4521
OUR REF: CHoare/uk/2019/LOANAPP
We give out both Local/International Loan starting from 3%* base rate and standard variable rate of
interest annually.We offer non-collateral loans to both
firms and individuals.
Funds available For Most Projects Covering Real Estate, Industry And Other Forms Of Creativity In
Some Major Countries.
You Might Be Interested In Submitting Your Business Proposal And Study For Evaluation.
We Do Not Promise Success Of Funding But We Shall Do Our Best To Help And Assist.No Upfront Fees Or
Payments.We Can Also Provide Bank Guarantees And SBLC's
For Your Projects Inclu
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024  Classified as a Generic scam G RFQ INVOICE 2   
FYIFIND ATTACHED INVOICE!===========================================CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICEThis message (including any attachments)contains information that may be confidential. Unless you are the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the intended recipient), you may not read, print, retain, use, copy, distribute or disclose to anyone the message or any information contained in the message. If you have received the message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail, and destroy all copies of the original message (including any attachments).===========================================
File: MS-Word document
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025  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Re:Re:    Mustafa Ayvaz
"Mustafa Ayvaz" <>
Hello Dear,
I am a Consultant to a wealthy Personnel whom died in Syria Civil War.
Unfortunately, this customer died intestate leaving his bank account with an open beneficiary
I solicit your consent to enable me present you to his Offshore bank as his next of kin Via our
Attorney to claims the dormant account worth $18,500,000.00 million USD.
I Look forward to your Response with Optimism.
Mustafa Ayvaz
Senior Consultant
Ayvaz Attorney LLB HONS:
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026  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S     Dr.Kate
"Dr.Kate" <>
Greetings of the day, I am glad to write you this mail, and my major objectives and with much
gratitude is that I need your partnership opinion on Multi specialist Hospital establishment
project in India, and I was in India about few months ago when I got this talented idea of having
this dream plan, and this partnership is a life time which we can build a good recognition of
partnership as one in business relationship. This project will require 6 to 7 acres of land which
is most ultimately needed in any good location in India, and kindly revert back to me base on your
personal interest, thanks and hope to hear from you so that I can send you the project plan details
for a view.
And I have already take a form to apply for the investment permit from the India high commission
here in London which requires a partnership deed and to ensure my ability to move forward on this
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Date: 14 July, 2019

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028  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S FW:NEW ORDER LIST    Sales Manager
Sales Manager <>
Attached is a copy of NEW ORDER LIST. Please let me know the
availability and your best prices of MATERIALS
I awaits your urgent quotation.
Thank you & Best regards.
Jamal Hraibi
Area Sales Manager
Beirut  - South –Bekaa- Chouf
Choweifat office – Beirut Lebanon
Office:00961 5 436232
Fax: 00961 5 436228
Mobile: 81 712697
Mobile: 03 102 948
File: application/rar
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029  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S BUSINESS PROPOSAL.    Maryam Ahmed
"Maryam Ahmed"<>
Good day to you, I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and unexpected mail.I got your
contact from a Business Directory in my agents office and I decided to contact you directly for the
sake of business.
My name is Mrs Maryam Ahmed, originated from Libya, living in Uganda. I am searching for a reliable
and experience business expert in Middle-East Asia or in any country that can guide me in setting
up a lucrative business investment, I want to invest on Real Estate business in my country but
based on some Politician Crisis and insecurity in my country, I decided to look for tourism country
for this investment project.
I got to understand that this is the best time to invest, So am only soliciting for your assistance
and guidance for you to help me invest in any lucrative business. I have about $ 10.5 Million
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030  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Second Letter (Another Notice)    Mr. Charles Juntikka, LLP
Second Letter (Another Notice)
"Mr. Charles Juntikka, LLP" <>
Dear Beneficiary.
We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of
US10,600,000.00 Million (Ten Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in the codicil and
last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you).
We contacted you based on the fact you bear same surname with the deceased man which makes you
eligible to the inheritance. All the legal papers will be processed in your name.
In your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to us your details such as;
your current telephone and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary documents at our high
court probate division for the release of this sum of money.
Please contact me on this address: for furt
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031  Classified as a Generic scam G FW: AW: Egyption Arab Contracting INVOICE REQUEST 3301 pump - TOP URGENT-    Basem Shaban
FW: AW: Egyption Arab Contracting INVOICE REQUEST 3301 pump - TOP URGENT-
"Basem Shaban"<>
Dear Sir
As per Mr.Hesham Bakir instruction to contact you for verification of the attached invoices, please confirm beneficiary name and account number so we make payment.
Best Regards,
Basem Shaban
Mechanical Service Engineer
e-mail :
Mob : + 201205801580
TEL : +20222686200 / +20223316667
FAX : +20222687365
From: Warehouse
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2019 10:53 AM
To: 'Nasr'
Cc: 'Ahmed azmey'; 'Alaa Ardy';;;; 'Khaled Bakir (HRE-FZ)'
Subject: RE: Egyption Arab Contracting INVOICE REQUEST 3301 pump - TOP URGENT- .
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032  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S IMMEDIATE TRANSFER OF $23.5 MILLION TO YOU    Advocate Greg Osborn
"Advocate Greg Osborn"<>
Dear Friend,
It is with trust and sincerity that I approach you for assistance to transfer some funds into your
bank account. Please do accept my apology if my mail infringes on your personal ethics. My name is
Greg Osborn , a Private attorney based here in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa. Honestly it
will be my humble pleasure if we can work together.
I would like you to act as the next of kin to my deceased client Mr. Glenn Warrington, an American
citizen who made a deposit of $23,500,000.00 ($23.5 Million Dollars) with a Bank here in
Johannesburg. He died in car accident on the 20th of November 2009 without any registered next of
kin. Several efforts were made to find his extended family through your embassy without success.
I have received official letter from the bank suggesting a likely proceeding for con
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Date: 13 July, 2019

033  Classified as a Generic scam G Your personal secrets are at risk.    Anonymous
Your personal secrets are at risk.
"Anonymous" <>
I greet you!
I have bad news for you.
27/04/2019 - on this day I hacked your operating system and got full access to your account.
How it was:
In the software of the router to which you were connected that day, there was a vulnerability.
I first hacked this router and placed my malicious code on it.
When you entered in the Internet, my trojan was installed on the operating system of your device.
After that, I made a full dump of your disk (I have all your address book, history of viewing
sites, all files, phone numbers and addresses of all your contacts).
A month ago, I wanted to lock your device and ask for a small amount of money to unlock.
But I looked at the sites that you regularly visit, and came to the big delight of your favorite
I'm talking about sites for adults.
I want to say - you are a big
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034  Classified as a Generic scam G Delivery Notification    Aramex Support
Delivery Notification
"Aramex Support" <>
Dear valued customer,
Thank you for choosing Aramex as your transportation solutions service partner. Please find attached details of your shipment(s) due to arrive your address tomorrow.
Shipment No
Delivery Time
For more information about your shipment(s), click on the waybill number above, or visit us at .
File: MS-Word document
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035  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Fund released notification    FinCEN
Fund released notification
"FinCEN " <>
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
DC office: 500 New Jersey Avenue,
NW Washington DC 20001-2020
Attention Beneficiary
We have actually been authorized by the appointed UNITED NATIONS and
the governing body of the United State Monetary Unit, to investigate
the unnecessary delay on your Fund, recommended and approved in your
favor. During the course of our investigation, we discovered with
dismay that your Fund has been unnecessarily Delayed by corrupt
officials of the financial institute who are trying to divert your
funds into their private accounts.
To forestall this, security for your funds was organized in the form
of your personal Identification number, We will monitor this payment
ourselves to avoid the hopeless situation created by the Officials.
An irrevocable payment gu
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Date: 12 July, 2019

036  Classified as a Generic scam G Shell Lottery Award Program    Shell Lottery Award
Shell Lottery Award Program
Shell Lottery Award <>
Final Award Notification!!!
Contact Mr Benson Milton your claims with the details stated below:
Contact Agent Name: Mr. Benson Milton
Email Address:
Phone Number: +448709454554
He shall direct you on how to receive your prize. You are therefore
advised to contact him as soon as you receive this notification to avoid
delay as you are the only winner left to claim the fund.
Best Wishes,
Mrs. Karen Richardson
(Publicity Announcing Officer)
Shell Promotion Department
Dispatch Center.49 Brussel Grove.
London NWI6DS United Kingdom.
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037  Classified as a Generic scam G RE : Pending Outstanding SOA(#167 & 9908)    EASTERN MARINE CORPORATION
RE : Pending Outstanding SOA(#167 & 9908)
Good day,
We will like to clear our old Outstanding invoice for past monthand we have forwarded our unpaid invoice to our financedepartment for payment.
My sincere apology for the shortfall of our payment as promised,Kindly find the attached unpaid invoices and confirm if we,should we pay for the two invoice in full, or pay one in full thenroll over the other one in the next invoice for this month .
Your immediate attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Kindly reply us in time to enable us proceed the payment.
Thanks and Best regards,
outstanding SOA(#167 & 9908)_pdf.arj
File: application/rar
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Date: 11 July, 2019

038  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Payment Notifications    \"Mr. António Guterres\"
Payment Notifications
=?utf-8?q?=22Mr=2E_Ant=C3=B3nio_Guterres=22_=3Cinfo=40furitechnics=2Ecom?= =?utf-8?q?=2Eau=3E?=
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber
Crime Division
J. Edgar. Hoover Building Washington DC
Good News For You,
Series of meetings have been held with the secretary general of the United Nations Organisation
over the past 7 months. This ended 3 days ago.It is obvious that you have not received your fund
worth $11,500.000.00 due to past corrupt Government Officials who have attempted to swindle your
fund. which has led unnecessary delay in the release of your fund.
The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of
Investigation have successfully passed a mandate to the current president of United States of
America his Excellency President Mohammad Bukharin to commence the exercise of clearing all foreign
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039  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Urgent Attention Needed    Mr. Rubben Moore
Urgent Attention Needed
"Mr. Rubben Moore" <>
HSBC Building, 968 Rama IV Road, Silom, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
Legal Adviser:Mr. Rubben Moore
Tel: +66-6492-11659
Dear Beneficiary ,
We, the entire members of the World Bank/Audit Department of the
Ministry of finance Thailand, on behalf of the resolution panel on
contract payment, inheritance claims and lottery winnings, a meeting was
held on the 3rd of January, 2019, concerning release withheld and Overdue
Payments to you, both foreign and local contractors,
inheritance claims and lottery winnings.
Going through files today, we discovered that your file was dumped
untreated or you have been dealing with the impostors in Western
African/Europeans in regards to your claims, at this juncture, we
apologize for the delay of your payment and please stop communicating with
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 10 July, 2019

040  Classified as a Generic scam G DHL EXPRESS PVT. LTD.    DHL EXPRESS PVT. LTD.
Dear Customer,
We have received documents / clarifications required for shipment processing and Bill of Entry is being filed for shipment. Shipment is expected to be cleared from Customs within 2 working days subject to no further queries from Customs.
Kindly find attached to details to Track your shipment:
Best Regards,
File: application/rar-compressed
Full Details of Scam Email
041  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Re:Re:    Fred Cole
"Fred Cole" <>
Attention Dear,
I am looking for a relative of my deceased client, who lost his life in Syria, during Syrian civil
war. I am his personal adviser and I am looking for his next of kin. I want to contact you to work
with me in securing the transfer of a fund: $4,420,000.00 ( Four million four hundred and twenty
thousand dollars ) legacy by my late client, If you are a relative or if you are bearing the same
surname with my client, please contact me immediately for more information.
I solicit your consent to enable me produce you as the next of kin to my deceased client since both
of you bear the same last name. The funds will then be transferred to you as the beneficiary and
shared according to a proposed sharing pattern / ratio of 60:40 i.e. 60% for me and 40% for you.
For more details, do contact me with your data through my private email address:
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 09 July, 2019

042  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Hello Dear, **    Bamaa Ifra Isabelle
Hello Dear, **
"Bamaa Ifra Isabelle"<>
Hello Dear.
My name is: Ifra Isabelle Bamaa,
I'm contacting because I want to be your friend and confide in you.
I have in my possession now 247 KG of Gold Bars, Quality: 22 carat, 95%pure that I inherited from
my late mother.
I want you to buy or help me to find a buyer who can buy the gold at good price more than African
price so you can help me to invest the money in your country since I has no business idea.
I want to leave Cote d'Ivoire and relocate to your country to continue my education in your
country. I want you to stand by me as my tutor to sell this gold and for investment in your country.
Note that I am writing you this email purely on the ground of trust because I don't know you and we
have not met before. I found you here and my mind convinced me that I can trust you.
Waiting to hear from you.
Yours Trul
Full Details of Scam Email
043  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Hello    Hello
How are you today, I must let you know that I am so sorry for all the
delay,Now i want to inform you the Good News that i receive from the
Bank Director Yesterday I went down to the Bank that want to transfer
our fund into the Account you send to me, I told them that the
transfer charges they ask us to pay is not with us,
And the Bank director told me that he can only help us in this way but
he will get some share of the money after you receive it to your
position,and I have no choice than to allow him to help us fast,
So The Bank director told me that he will move the fund to your country
with they Bank Diplomat to come and meet you in your country for you
to receive the funds and he said that after you receive it you will
have to give the Diplomat their own share to come Back to him
immediately and the Bank director told me i shoul
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 06 July, 2019

044  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Re: GOOD DAY MY LOVETH !!    David Derienzo
"David Derienzo"<>
Hello dear,
how are you doing, hope great.
l'm from London, Ashburton Canning Town East London.
I'm an Engineer by my profession, I specialized in building of houses, roads and bridges with my
team of engineers,
l'm a man seriously seeking for a female partner to build a serious relationship with and get to
know each other better.
i did like to hear from you, if you are interested.
Looking forward to hearing from you...
Thank You,
With honest heart ---------
Be blessed.
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 05 July, 2019

045  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S     David Ibe
"David Ibe" <>
Desk of Mr. David Ibe,
International Standards on Auditing,
Corporate Governance and Stewardship
Auditing and Assurance Standards Board,
8th Floor 155 London Wall London
Good Day, Kindly forward your details to
I am Mr. David Ibe, I work with the International Standards on Auditing, I have seen on records,
that several times people has divert your funds into their own personal accounts.
Now I am writing to you in respect of the amount which I have been able to send to you through our
International United Nations accredited and approved Diplomat, who has arrived Africa, I want you
to know that the diplomat would deliver the funds which I have packaged as a diplomatic
compensation to you and the amount in the consignment is $10,000,000.00 United State Dollars.
I did not disclose the contents to the
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 04 July, 2019

046  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Read Carefully...    Mr. Graham Williamson
Read Carefully...
"Mr. Graham Williamson"<>
My Dear Friend,
It is my humble pleasure to solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction. My name is: Graham Williamson, the financial director of RIX Petroleum Scotland Ltd. UK. I am the officer in-charge of offshore remittances to contractors / beneficiaries. We are seeking your assistance to transfer the sum of Thirty Seven Million, Three Hundred Thousand Dollars (US$37,300,000.00) to your account for private investment.
This amount accrued from an over-invoiced contract amount for the construction of an Oil Refinery Sub- stations from 2014 to 2017 to expatriate companies.
The contract was originally valued for One Hundred and Twenty Million United States Dollar US$120,000,000.00) but we over-invoiced the figure to read $157,300,000.00. Therefore, we have perfected plans to quickly TRANSFER the extra US$37,300,000.00 to your bank
Full Details of Scam Email
047  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Good day    Oroshan, Olena
Good day
"Oroshan, Olena" <>
Good day Friend,
I am a staff member of HSBC-Bank here in London-UK and I have a secure-Business deal for you, worth-9.2M GBP for you to handle with me.
Although this may be hard for you to believe, you stand to gain 50% of the total amount and it's risk free and 100%-legitimate..
If interested? please reply for more details-ASAP, as I await a positive response from you to proceed.
Please grant me the benefit of doubt and hear me out.
Full Details of Scam Email
048  Classified as a  scam  Actualizaci?n de la caducidad de la contrase?a    Postmaster
Full Details of Scam Email
049  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Business Proposal...............7    Dr.Evans Egobia
Business Proposal...............7
"Dr.Evans Egobia"<>
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
Federal capital territory Office.
complex block A,area 11
P.M.B.135 Garki Abuja.Fct
Dear Friend
It is with trust and confidence that i write to make this urgent
business proposal to you.i was assigned by two of my colleague to seek
for a foreign partner who will assist us in providing a convenient
foreign account in any designated bank abroad for the transfer of us
$35,500,000.00 pending on our arrival in your country for utilization
and disbursement with the owner of the account.
this amount results from a deliberate inflation of the value of a
contract awarded by our ministry - the federal ministry of agriculture
(fma)to an expatriate company.the contract has been executed and
payment made to the original contractor,remaining t
Full Details of Scam Email
050  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S (no subject)    Mr Azim
(no subject)
Mr Azim <>
Hello ,
I'm Azim Hashim Premji, an Indian business tycoon, investor, and
philanthropist. I'm the chairman of Wipro Limited. I gave away 25 per
cent of my personal wealth to charity. And I also pledged to give away
the rest of 25% this year 2019 to Individuals.. I have decided to donate
1,000,000.00 USD to you. If you are interested in my donation, do
contact me for more info.
You can also read more about me via the link below
Warm Regard
CEO Wipro Limited
Azim Hashim Premji
Full Details of Scam Email
051  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E Business Opportunity    Brian Miller
Business Opportunity
Brian Miller <>
I am Brian Miller The Marketing executive of Edificio El Pentagono Inc. We have the mandate of a
private investor who want to invest it's equity assets into any of construction, real
estate/Property, hotel/resort, textiles, Information tech, Pharmaceuticals, Oil/gas and
Mining/energy industries in your country. So we are looking for a reliable person to help us
execute this great opportunity.
Also Edificio El Pentagono Inc offer Equity financing to businesses as a loan management system.
For more information or If interested ,please message me on
Best sincerely,
Brian Miller
Edificio El Pentagono Inc
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 03 July, 2019

052  Classified as a  scam  INFO!!!    DAVID & DONNA STICKLEY
Full Details of Scam Email
053  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Re: Info    Mr Xiao Lee
Re: Info
"Mr Xiao Lee" <>
Dear Sir / Madam,
I have been trying to reach you for a while now with information on a proposal that is mutually
I do hope I have finally reached you.
My name is Mr. Xiao P. Lee, a financial consultant in East Asia.
You can reach me using this email address: or on my Direct Telephone Number:
+852 8124 5112.
I would appreciate a prompt reply from you so I know you have received this and I can provide you
with some more information about my proposal.
Mr Xiao Lee
Full Details of Scam Email
054  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Compliment of the day,    Mr.Philip
Compliment of the day,
"Mr.Philip" <>
Compliment of the day,
I am Mr.Philip.Kabore I Have a Business Proposal of $5.3 million For
You. I am aware of the unsafe nature of the internet, and was
compelled to use this medium due to the nature of this project.
I have access to very vital information that can be used to transfer
this huge amount of money, which may culminate into the investment of
the said funds into your company or any lucrative venture in your
If you will like to assist me as a partner then indicate your
interest, after which we shall both discuss the modalities and the
sharing percentage.
Upon receipt of your reply on your expression of Interest I will give
you full details,
on how the business will be executed I am open for negotiation. You
should forward your reply to this private email id Thanks for your
anticipated coopera
Full Details of Scam Email
055  Classified as a  scam  Escanea tu Zimbra    Zimbra
Full Details of Scam Email
056  Classified as a Generic scam G Fwd: Payment Rejected    Elegant Marine Services
Fwd: Payment Rejected
Elegant Marine Services <>
Good day,Kindly refer the attached file bank details for your invoice settlement.Your payment was returned by bank, please check on this matters?Best Regards,-- Sales & Accounting ManagerThanks and regards,Chirag SoniElegant Marine Services Pvt Ltd.(As Agent Fleet Management Ltd, Hong Kong)(RPSL-172, D.O.I.: - 29/09/2015 – D.O.E.: 28/09/2020)Email: purchase1@elegantship.comWebsite:  
HSBC Swift doc16546790.tar
File: application/rar
Full Details of Scam Email
057  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Gold Bars Purchase/Investment!!    Mr George Kwame
Gold Bars Purchase/Investment!!
Mr George Kwame <>
My name is Mr. George Kwame from Odikro Royal Family Upper East Region
Ghana. We are a group of local gold Miners and end sellers, we are
looking for a direct buyer or an agent who will help us look for buyer
on Commission basis.
The Purity of our gold is 93% and 22Carats Plus and our price per kilo
is affordable. We have 350 Kilos in Stock and we are looking for a buyer
or an investor who will partner with us to invest in other of our 2
Concessions. Kindly contact me for me details if you are interested to
work with us. Hoping to hear from you.
George Kwame
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 02 July, 2019

058  Classified as a Generic scam G DONATION   
Hello Friend,Greetings from all us at Gandel Foudation.My name is Clarence Peters; and I'm the Personal Assistant to Mr. John Gandel.Mr. John and his Wife Pauline have decided to donate the sum of $2,000,000.00 USD to you as part of their charity work to improve standard of living and humanity; a part of the $3.5 Billion fund towards improving the quality of lives of people around the globe. Individuals and cooperations have been chosen at random after serious examination of the CV and inquiries, and we are hopeful that you will use it for the right cause.To ensure transparency, visibility and of course clarity, The Gandels have decided to make sure this is put on the internet for the world to see; and you can follow the link below to have access to information and profile of Mr John Gandel; Now that you have gone through this information, we can continue by
Full Details of Scam Email
059  Classified as a Employment/Job scam E JULY 2019 Trial Order    M-TEK MARINE TRADING LTD. (SINGAPORE)
JULY 2019 Trial Order
Dear Sir/Madam,
We got your contact from our client who reliably introduced your
products and services to
us, we have found them highly demanded in our market and at such we
require a trial Order
from your good company.
Herewith we have attached our order list.
Kindly send us your pro-forma invoice signed and stamped for the
processing of order 50%
down payment by TT before shipping.
Thank You.
Nyein Su Mon
Sales Department
8 Sunview Road
#06-45 Eco-Tech@Sunview
Singapore 628815
Full Details of Scam Email
060  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S RE: Overdue Invoice Payment    Md. Jamal Abu Nasar
RE: Overdue Invoice Payment
"Md. Jamal Abu Nasar" <>
Dear Sir,
Below Invoices has been settled.
Bill No.511/2019-2020 Usd 205,415.00 INVOICE DT 16-05-2019
Bill No.729/2019-2020 Usd 16,284.00 INVOICE DT -03-06-2019
Bill No.804/2019-2020 Usd. 234,546.00 INVOICE DT – 12-06-2019
Kindy send updated SOA.
Best Regards!Md. Jamal Abu NasarGeneral ManagerTopstar Cargo Systems LtdRM Center (3rd Floor), 101 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Phone:(880) 2.8835768-71 | 7: (880) 2.9851870 | ): (880) |
Full Details of Scam Email
061  Classified as a Generic scam G New Order From Kubota Saudi Arabia Company,LLC    Kubota Saudi Arabia
New Order From Kubota Saudi Arabia Company,LLC
Kubota Saudi Arabia <>
Dear Sir,
Good Day !!
According to your qoute last year,Please find enclosed copy for our New Order.
How ever, we will like you to have a further review on the following ITEMS which are marked RED.The last quotation you sent us is attach along with this our order We suggest the price for three marked items should be reviewed as per the unit price.
If you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.
Thanks & Regards,
Sales Dept.
Kubota Saudi Arabia Company,LLC Address: P.O.Box.:68638-Dammam.31537 Dammam Second Industrial Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
NEW ORDER6743960.Pdf.r11
File: application/rar
Full Details of Scam Email

Date: 01 July, 2019

062  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S RE: Notification Of Payment On Your Account-Payment Advice    APPOLLO (CHINA) CO., LTD.
RE: Notification Of Payment On Your Account-Payment Advice
Dear Sir/Madam,
We have received an authorization from our client to pay for an invoice.
Kindly confirm if the attached bank details was issued by you.
Await your response so we can proceed with remittance.
Yours faithfully,
Global Payments and Cash Management
**************************** *****************************
Security tips
1. Install virus detection software and personal firewall on your
computer. This software needs to be updated regularly to ensure you have
the latest protection.
2. To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open
attachments from unknown or non-trustworthy sources.
3. If you discover any unusual acti
Full Details of Scam Email
063  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S Business Deal    General John William Nicholson
Business Deal
"General John William Nicholson"<>
My name is General John William Nicholson. I am an American soldier, presently in Afghanistan for the training, advising the Afghan forces and also helping in stabilizing the country against security challenges. With a very desperate need for assistance, I have decided to contact you for your kind assistance to move the sum of (US$8,000,000.00) Eight Million United States Dollars to you in your country for three purposes
1. Moving the funds to a safe haven
2. Allowing you to use the funds for investment over a period of five (5) years
3. Keeping a lifetime friendship with you and your family.
If I have your word that my interest will be protected until I complete my service and come over to take my share of the money,I am prepared to leave you with 10% of this sum for receiving them while allow you to use the remaining
Full Details of Scam Email
064  Classified as a Generic scam G NEW TT PAYMENT   
Bank slip and Invoice payed for attached for your reference.Please confirm receipt and revert accordingly, payment made on Fri 28/06/2019.RegardsDavid MoyaPurchase DirectorUNIBASA GENERAL SERVICESÂC/ TravesÃa de la Laguna, 928942Ââ Fuenlabrada ( Madrid)Tel +34Â91 615Â4990www.unibasa.comÂ
--- End Message ---
Full Details of Scam Email

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