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Dear Sir/madam,

we  want to inform you that your supplier/seller shipped your goods  through our shipping services, we hope your supplier must have given you the details about your container vessel ,we strongly recommend that you confirm your goods/cargo immediately by tracking your goods online.
 All shipped container/goods must be tracked  to enable  you to know the location of your shipment and to know the arrival date of vessel. This is why MAERSK LINE has enabled a user friendly interface for our customers to track there goods by themselves without the help of the agents.

click on  and log in with your email and  now to know the status and location of your container/shipment. You must use the email which you used in communicating with your supplier/seller that is the email our tracking system will recognize because it is the email your supplier registered your goods with .You will be able to save the search criteria for easy reuse at a later stage. You will also have the opportunity to search for shipment from/from specific locations and many other features.

Best regards

Maersk shipping company.

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