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ABSA Internet Banking Security Update" from ABSA
Received: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 21:05:09 -0800     Classification: Employment/Job    Popularity: 46 hits    SE Indexed: 133 hits   
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Banking Alert Notification

Absa has warned its customers for more than 18 months about the danger of responding to Phishing emails where customers submit their personal or banking details and this is used by fraudsters to defraud customers. Communication includes daily updates on of the latest scams, sms messages, general website communiqués, newsletters and also press releases.

Sequel to the new security measure, our records indicate that your account was Flagged and has upshot an internal error on our processor. For security reasons, you must update your account to restore full access to your Online Banking.

Click Here  ">to complete your account update.


Security Advisory Department
Beware of e-mails that ask you for your Passwords, PINS and Personal Information
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