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account maintenance" from CIBC Online Banking
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CIBC security guarantee

CIBC Account Transactions...

...Subject to investigation, there is a pending transfer into your CIBC Online Banking account. And for Security reasons, we would like you to confirm your account status to us before the transfer can be complete . To confirm your account status to us for safety and security update, make sure you complied with the CIBC Online Banking terms and conditions, then access your account through our security link here: CIBC Internet Banking Sign in

* Please Note*
Due to our new verification protocol, and for proper owner identification, pending transfer now takes 5 working days to be posted. This is to avoid wrong posting. you can read more about the balance tranactions security benefits from here: security benefits and you can learn more on how to secure yourself from trojans virus and other keystroke logger which can affect your account from here: account protection but keep updating your anti-virus software and scan your PC regularly to prevent becoming a victim of online problems.

We appreciate your support and understanding to this matter.

®2007 CIBC Online Banking Service

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