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Subject:  Fraud Alert #49776 - World Savings Bank Phishing Incident
From: (FraudWatch International)
Date:  Fri, 23 Jun 2006 17:29:01 -0700
Category:  Generic
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World Savings Bank phishing email - "World Savings Bank - Protect Your

Date Issued:  Friday 23rd June 2006
Fraud Alert #  49776
Target Company: World Savings Bank

Attached Message
Phishing Methods Used:
Email: Deceptive Subject Line 
 Forged Senders Address 
 Genuine Looking Content 
 Disguised Hyperlinks 
Web Site : Genuine Looking Content  
 Form - Collection of Information  
 Incorrect URL, not disguised 

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You are subscribed to FraudWatch International. <br />To discontinue your s=
ubscription use the link at the bottom of this message.<br />This Fraud Ale=
rt can be viewed online: <a href=3D"
=3Dalert</a></p><table cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"1" width=3D"660" al=
ign=3D"center" border=3D"0"><tbody><tr><td width=3D"245"><a href=3D"http://="><img height=3D"76" src=3D"http://www.frau=" width=3D"240" border=3D"0" /></a><=
/td><td width=3D"385" bgcolor=3D"#ffffff" rowspan=3D"2"><h1 class=3D"center=
align style1" align=3D"center">FRAUD ALERT </h1></td></tr><tr><td><div alig=
n=3D"center"><span class=3D"style7"><a class=3D"style7" href=3D"http://www.="></a></span></d=
iv></td></tr></tbody></table><table bordercolor=3D"#006699" cellspacing=3D"=
0" cellpadding=3D"1" width=3D"660" align=3D"center" border=3D"1"><tbody><tr=
<td><div class=3D"style5" align=3D"center"><a href=3D"http://www.fraudwatc=">Home</a></div></td><td><div class=3D"style5 style8" al=
ign=3D"center"><a class=3D"style16" href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchinternatio=">Phishing Alerts</a> </div></td><td><div class=3D"style16=
" align=3D"center"><a class=3D"style16" href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchintern=">Consumer</a></div></td><td><div class=
=3D"style16" align=3D"center"><a class=3D"style16" href=3D"http://www.fraud=">Business</a></div></td><td>=
<div class=3D"style16" align=3D"center"><a class=3D"style16" href=3D"http:/=
/">Report Fraud</=
a> </div></td><td><div class=3D"style16" align=3D"center"><a class=3D"style=
16" href=3D"";>Learn Mor=
e</a> </div></td><td><div class=3D"style16" align=3D"center"><a class=3D"st=
yle16" href=3D"
features/">FWI Fraud Shield</a> </div></td><td><div class=3D"style16" align=
=3D"center"><a class=3D"style16" href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchinternational=
.com/login.php">Members</a></div></td></tr></tbody></table><table bordercol=
or=3D"#006699" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"1" width=3D"660" align=3D"c=
enter" border=3D"1"><tbody><tr><td valign=3D"top" width=3D"200"><p>=A0</p><=
table width=3D"200"><tbody><tr><td><div class=3D"infobox" id=3D"alertstats"=
<h4>Phishing=A0Site Statistics</h4><table><tbody><tr class=3D"style18"><td=
Active Sites </td><td class=3D"right">654</td></tr><tr class=3D"style18"><=
td>Total=A0</td><td class=3D"right">49,626</td></tr><tr class=3D"style18"><=
td>Updated</td><td class=3D"right">23 Jun 2006</td></tr></tbody></table></d=
iv><!-- end #altertstats --><p />=A0</td></tr></tbody></table><p class=3D"S=
ideMenu" /><p>=A0</p><table width=3D"200"><tbody><tr><td><div class=3D"info=
box" id=3D"alertstats"><h4 align=3D"center">Report Email Fraud </h4><table>=
<tbody><tr><td class=3D"style18">Nigerian 419 Scam Letters, Lottery emails,=
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estigations Team at: </td></tr><tr><td class=3D"style18"><a href=3D"mailto:=">scams@<br /><=
/a></td></tr></tbody></table></div><!-- end #altertstats --><p />=A0</td></=
tr></tbody></table><p>=A0</p><table width=3D"200"><tbody><tr><td><div class=
=3D"infobox" id=3D"alertstats"><h4 align=3D"center">What's new at FWI?</h4>=
<table><tbody><tr><td><p class=3D"style21" align=3D"center">RSS Feeds <a hr=
ef=3D"";><img src=
=3D""; border=3D"0" /><=
/a></p><p class=3D"style18">Our regularly updated Phishing Fraud Alerts del=
ivered to you as an RSS feed. <a href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchinternational=
.com/resources/rss-info/">Learn more . . .</a> </p><p class=3D"style21">=A0=
</p><p class=3D"style21" align=3D"center">Phishing URL Data Feed</p><p clas=
s=3D"style18">The FWI Phishing database provides a data feed of phishing UR=
L's to be used to protect consumers from visiting phishing sites. <a href=
Learn more . . .</a> </p><p>=A0</p><p class=3D"style21" align=3D"center">W=
eekly Phishing Statistic Reports </p><p class=3D"style18">Weekly Phishing S=
tatistics Reports published on Mondays detailing=A0the previous weeks phish=
ing sites detected by FraudWatch International. <a href=3D"http://www.fraud=">Learn more . . . </a></p><=
p>=A0</p><p class=3D"style21" align=3D"center">Phishing Site Take Down</p><=
p class=3D"style18"><strong>Is your company currently targeted by a phishin=
g attack? </strong></p><p class=3D"style18">Our 24x7 Security Operations Ce=
nter will take the phishing site down within 24 hours, or a full refund!- N=
o Risk! <a href=3D"
-home/">Learn more . . . </a></p><p>=A0</p><p class=3D"style21" align=3D"ce=
nter">FWI Fraud Shield </p><p>Protect yourself from phishing sites when bro=
wsing the Internet with the FWI Fraud Shield </p><p align=3D"center"><a hre=
Free Beta Version! </a></p><p align=3D"center"><a href=3D"http://www.fraud="><img src=3D"http://w=
hield_beta2.jpg" border=3D"0" /></a></p><p>=A0</p><p class=3D"style21">=A0<=
/p></td></tr></tbody></table></div><!-- end #altertstats --><p />=A0</td></=
tr></tbody></table></td><td valign=3D"top" width=3D"461"><div align=3D"cent=
er"></div><table width=3D"100%" border=3D"0"><tbody><tr><th scope=3D"col"><=
div align=3D"center"><p class=3D"style17"><font size=3D"4">World Savings Ba=
nk phishing email - &quot;World Savings Bank - Protect Your Information&quo=
t;</font></p></div></th></tr></tbody></table><p>=A0</p><table cellspacing=
=3D"2" cellpadding=3D"2" width=3D"94%" align=3D"center" border=3D"1"><tbody=
<tr><td width=3D"121"><div class=3D"style19 SideMenu2 style18" align=3D"le=
ft"><strong>Date Issued: </strong></div></td><td width=3D"292"><span class=
=3D"style18">Friday 23rd June 2006 </span></td></tr><tr><td><div class=3D"s=
tyle19 SideMenu2 style18" align=3D"left"><strong>Fraud Alert # </strong></d=
iv></td><td><span class=3D"style18">49776</span></td></tr><tr><td><div clas=
s=3D"style19 SideMenu2 style18" align=3D"left"><strong>Target Company:</str=
ong></div></td><td class=3D"style18">World Savings Bank </td></tr><tr><td c=
lass=3D"SideMenu2"><div class=3D"style19 SideMenu2 style18" align=3D"left">=
<strong>From Address: </strong></div></td><td class=3D"style18">support@wor=</td></tr><tr><td class=3D"SideMenu2"><div class=3D"style19 Si=
deMenu2 style18" align=3D"left"><strong>Subject Line: </strong></div></td><=
td class=3D"style18">World Savings Bank - Protect Your Information</td></tr=
<tr><td class=3D"SideMenu2"><div class=3D"style19 SideMenu2 style18" align=
=3D"left"><strong>Email Link URL: </strong></div></td><td><p><a class=3D"st=
yle18" href=3D"
-database/">Available to FWI Phishing Data Feed Clients</a></p></td></tr></=
tbody></table><table cellspacing=3D"2" cellpadding=3D"2" width=3D"323" alig=
n=3D"center" border=3D"0"><tbody><tr><td colspan=3D"2"><h2 class=3D"style17=
" align=3D"center">Phishing Methods Used:</h2></td></tr><tr><td class=3D"Si=
deMenu2" width=3D"75"><span class=3D"style19 SideMenu2"><strong>Email:</str=
ong></span></td><td class=3D"style18" width=3D"234"><a href=3D"http://www.f=" =
target=3D"_blank">Deceptive Subject Line</a></td></tr><tr><td class=3D"Side=
Menu2"></td><td class=3D"style18"><a href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchinternati=" target=3D"_blank">=
Forged Senders Address</a></td></tr><tr><td class=3D"SideMenu2"></td><td cl=
ass=3D"style18"><a href=3D"
fraud/phishing-email-methods/#content" target=3D"_blank">Genuine Looking Co=
ntent</a></td></tr><tr><td class=3D"SideMenu2"></td><td class=3D"style18"><=
a href=3D"
ail-methods/#hyperlinks" target=3D"_blank">Disguised Hyperlinks</a></td></t=
r><tr><td class=3D"SideMenu2"></td><td class=3D"style18"></td></tr><tr><td =
class=3D"SideMenu2"><span class=3D"style19 SideMenu2"><strong>Web Site :</s=
trong></span></td><td class=3D"style18" width=3D"234"><a href=3D"http://www=
ent" target=3D"_blank">Genuine Looking Content </a></td></tr><tr><td class=
=3D"SideMenu2"></td><td class=3D"style18"><a href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchi=" target=3D"=
_blank">Form - Collection of Information </a></td></tr><tr><td class=3D"Sid=
eMenu2">=A0</td><td class=3D"style18"><p><a href=3D"http://www.fraudwatchin=" target=
=3D"_blank">Incorrect URL, not disguised</a></p></td></tr></tbody></table><=
p class=3D"style18"><strong>A copy of the email is displayed below.</strong=
</p><p align=3D"center"><img height=3D"568" src=3D"http://www.fraudwatchin=" width=3D"450" />=A0</p><p cl=
ass=3D"style18" align=3D"left"><strong>A copy of the fake web site is displ=
ayed below.</strong></p><p align=3D"center"><img height=3D"464" src=3D"http=
://" width=3D"4=
50" /></p></td></tr><tr bgcolor=3D"#d8ed9e"><td colspan=3D"2"><div align=3D=
"center"><p><strong class=3D"style17 style25">Phishing Index</strong><br />=
<span class=3D"style18">Index of Phishing Attacks by company, last detected=
 date and total number of attacks detected by FraudWatch International. </s=
pan></p><p class=3D"style18">Please Visit our Site to see a complete Listin=
g of Phishing Fraud Alerts By Company:</p><p class=3D"style18"><strong><a h=
g></p></div></td></tr></tbody></table><p class=3D"style18" align=3D"center"=
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lowing URL into your browser:<br />
 </p><p class=3D"style18" align=3D"center" /><p class=3D"style18" align=3D"=
center">FraudWatch International Pty Ltd. GPO Box 3537 Melbourne Australia =
3001 ABN: 56 097 296 056 </p></body></html><img src=3D"http://www.fraudwatc=
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