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NATO Award Plan" from "NATO Headquarters"
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NATO Headquarters
Blvd Leopold III
1110 Brussels, 

This is to inform you of the result following the just concluded final draws
of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) award plan. This draws was conducted
on-line by an automated random computer ballot search from the Internet.
No tickets or application was required.

The NATO award plan was conducted to mark our 60 years anniversary (4 April

You been approved for 1,000,000.00 (One Million EURO) in cash. This is from
a total cash prize of 20,000,000 (Twenty Million Euro) shared amongst the
first twenty (20) lucky winners in this category. We have two winners from
your country.

REF NO:6257735678

Your funds are now deposited in an offshore bank with a hardcover insurance
in the United Kingdom. 

This is also an invitation to our Strasbourg/Kehl Summit. You are expected
to claim your funds of One Million Euros before 4 April 2009, which is the
day of the submit.

Please contact our London help line with the information below.

Ms. Lara Croft 
Tel: 447031973765
Fax: 448709744065

You will be assisted with the remittance of your prize funds to your designation.

Note that your prize funds must be claimed not later 4 April 2009. You are
automatically invited to our 60 years anniversary summit.

Congratulations once again from staff of North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO) Headquarters.

Yours faithfully,
NATO Secretary General
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer 

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