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  • How do they make blog spam so hard to detect?

    Anyone that has visited a blog or forum will have seen those vaguely annoying one line posts that are generally bad grammer and say nothing except what a great blog it is, how they’ll be back soon and to keep up the good work, right? Well that is so-called ‘Comment Spam’ and it is the […]

  • Preventing Identity Theft by Credit Bureau Monitoring

    LifeLock was arguably the first online business to provide consumer-targetted Identity Theft Protection. Since their start in 2005, LifeLock has provided a useful service providing consumers with the tools they need to help protect themselves from identity theft and manage their credit. Scamdex was and continues to be a firm proponent of organizations like LifeLock and there are many imitators out […]

  • PHP Exploit URL foxes Apache

    There are a lot of smart people out there who know way too much about computers and software and stuff, like this guy: ‘Perishable Press‘. So, can someone clever please tell me why this simple url hangs up a bunch of seemingly dissimilar web servers: Here’s the deal – when someone asks for a […]

  • … the Pipes, the Pipes are calling…. here’s the ScamPipe!

    Here’s a little utility I knocked together using Yahoo’s Pipes ( It allows you to aggregate, sort and filter feeds from various sources to make one combined info thingy. [ad] Let me know what you think – I can add a couple of extra data feeds in, let me know if you have some […]