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  • Spurious Awards Scam

    The “Spurious Award Scam” is a vanity-targetted scam, similar to the “Who’s Who” scam where you are to be honored by inclusion in an index of the Brightest and Best, but in the small print is a small charge for inclusion. This scam ionvolves businesses being ‘awarded’ some supposed honor, involving a certificate, and what […]

  • The [domain] names change, but the “Data Conversion Job” Scam remains the same…

    “Data Conversion Job Scam”? Yes – this has been running for several months now. This is how it works: A spam email, probably coming via a job seekers website [such as or or or] tells the victim about a great employment opportunity he can do at home – all he has […]

  • Phishing Scam of the Day (PenFed)

    We received an email today with the promise of a $50 credit to my Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) account if I completed a customer service survey. The “survey” was sent as an attached HTML (web page) file, which, when completed went to the homepage of PenFed. Apart from the simple questions, the final part […]

  • Spoof websites bilk Caledonia man out of $30K

    A man in Caledonia, Wisconsin thought he was buying a car from a reputable website ( and paying for it using a reputable financial site ( Turned out that both sites were so-called ‘spoof sites’ – Identical copies of valid website, used to capture personal information such as credit card numbers/passwords or, as in this […]

  • TweekServ is a Scam Job (transaction Processing)

    TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam | TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam | TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam It’s just the usual ‘transaction processing’ scam – you get counterfeit checks, they get your hard-earned cash. DO NOT GET INVOLVED. Hello, Thank you for your […]

  • Powell Exotic Furniture Website Spoof Scam – PEFURNITURE.NET

    Administrative assistant needed by Powell Exotic Furniture,Good pay and flexible hours, see attached pdf for more info or sign up via Here’s a new website spoof scam – take the website of a perfectly respectable, American furniture company – Nichols & Stone and copy it. Then substitute the new name ‘Powell Exotic Furniture’ and […]

  • PHP Exploit URL foxes Apache

    There are a lot of smart people out there who know way too much about computers and software and stuff, like this guy: ‘Perishable Press‘. So, can someone clever please tell me why this simple url hangs up a bunch of seemingly dissimilar web servers: Here’s the deal – when someone asks for a […]

  • Who or What is BobBear?

    In my infrequent callouts to other websites that  (like Scamdex) were  created out of the blind fury experinced by seeing bad people taking money from good people, I have another site for you to take notice of. But first, a recap: When Scamdex started in 2004, there were very few sites about scams and Internet […]