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  • Scamdex Data used in Research – if only they’d asked!

    So a routine search turned up a little Research Paper from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Trends in Phishing Attacks: Suggestions for Future Research (2011) | Ryan M. Schuetzler | University of Nebraska at Omaha, While I’m flattered by being used as a creditable source, I am upset that they: Used the Scamdex Email […]

  • Scammers turning your WordPress Website into a Spam/Malware Distributor

    So I get an email from Google complaining that several links from my son’s blog (which I will not name here) are linking to malware sites. The sample links they included were valid but completely foreign to the site, and the pages themselves were mangled versions of existing blog posts, with long lists of search […]

  • dDos attacks on Scamdex – an apology.

    Running the Scamdex Website isn’t a full-time job but occasionally I fall foul of the lovable rogues who perpetrate these scams and who get upset when I tell people about their doings. For example, from mid November in 2012, I had a week of distributed denial of service (dDos) attacks which effectively made stop […]

  • Asterpix (who they?) vs. Google

    Some Background First A company called Asterpix ( have a cool tool (Searchlight) for websites (such as this one!).  They analyse the page you are on, include any recent search terms passed in (eg. from Google) and the website you are on and generate a Tag Cloud of words and phrases that seem to be […]

  • … From CPanel to …. what??

    I am an old Unix dude, I have installed more different versions of Unix than most people – Everything from Sco Xenix/286 thru to Centos5.2 and I don’t usually have much problems – but as time wears on, my brainDisk is starting to squeal and it’s not as fast at random access as it used […]

  • Been Scammed on CraigsList? – New Service from Scamdex

    Back in 2008, Scamdex found a blog devoted to outing the huge population of scammers to whom Craigslist is a God-given opportunity to rip off people the world over. The Blog, Exposing scam artists who use Craigslist is still here but hasn’t been updated for a while, which is a shame. Scamdex’s Scam Tip Off […]

  • New Scam Email Indexing Method (again!)

    It’s my third iteration on the same basic principle: take a carefully filtered and enhanced archive of 150,000 email messages and then sort, categorize and analyze them, then put them in a defanged, indexable/searchable list format so that people can browse them. The first was a program I wrote in perl back in 2004, it […]

  • Long-needed Upgrades to Scamdex

    Well to start with, I wanted to PHP-ize everything. SO I started looking at the Apache/PHP config and as usual, without backups or testing or anything, I dived in and threw the big red switch. Everything seemed to go ok but then the trouble started! All my websites broke. any ‘.html’ web pages that had […]