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  • Scamdex Data used in Research – if only they’d asked!

    So a routine search turned up a little Research Paper from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Trends in Phishing Attacks: Suggestions for Future Research (2011) | Ryan M. Schuetzler | University of Nebraska at Omaha, While I’m flattered by being used as a creditable source, I am upset that they: Used the Scamdex Email […]

  • Scam Of The Week: FTC Refund Phishing Phraud

    Scam Of The Week: FTC Refund Phishing Phraud Warn your employees, friends and family Hi, There is a new Scam Of The Week where bad guys are trying to trick people into clicking on phishing links to receive an FTC refund, with the twist that the refund is actually real. The FTC first took action […]

  • Just how valuable is a Hacked PC?

    The massively informative “Krebs on Security” Blog published this graphic which is a startling depiction of just how valuable a compromised PC can be to cyber criminals. Often the owner of such a PC does not even know that this has happened, and there are millions that have. Check your own PC regularly for oddities […]

  • Big Internet (Facebook, Google) gets serious about Email Scams.

    And this time, they seem to be serious, joining together these powerhouses: * Big Internet: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn etc. * Big Money (aka financial service providers): Bank of America, Fidelity Investments and PayPal. * Big Security: Agari, Cloudmark, eCert, Return Path and the Trusted Domain Project To fight Email Scams, specifically Phishing […]

  • Phishing Scam of the Day (PenFed)

    We received an email today with the promise of a $50 credit to my Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) account if I completed a customer service survey. The “survey” was sent as an attached HTML (web page) file, which, when completed went to the homepage of PenFed. Apart from the simple questions, the final part […]

  • Facebook Phishing Attempts and How To Spot Them

    Facebook users often use the email notification service to inform them of events on the site, whether it’s a new friend request, a reply to a comment or a photo tag. The notifications always have a handy button to get to the exact point in the site of interest. The problem is trying to work […]

  • Golden 1 Phone Scam hits Sacramento

    Social engineering is an approach used to gain unauthorized access to or acquisition of information assets. This approach relies on misrepresentation and the trusting nature of individuals, and is often carried out through the use of phishing telephone calls or email. A phishing telephone call or phishing email may sound or look as though it […]

  • PHP Exploit URL foxes Apache

    There are a lot of smart people out there who know way too much about computers and software and stuff, like this guy: ‘Perishable Press‘. So, can someone clever please tell me why this simple url hangs up a bunch of seemingly dissimilar web servers: Here’s the deal – when someone asks for a […]