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  • An Alternative to Annoying Ads (Is there one?)

    An Alternative to Annoying Ads (Is there one?)

    I often have brilliant ideas (for websites) while trying to get back to sleep in the early hours of the morning. If I can still remember them I do a little research, only to discover that the idea has been done, and often done to death and there is now a website listing all the […]


    An Own-Your-Own Website Business Opportunity where consumers would make money from links to major retailers was halted by the FTC. An operation that lured consumers into spending thousands of dollars for Internet websites and advertising by misrepresenting that they could make lots of money by linking the sites to major retailers. The court ordered a […]

  • WORK FROM HOME!!! (yep, it’s yet another scam)

    Anyone online or offline has seen the ads by now – Money Motivated Pros | Team Leaders Needed | Looking for Recruiters | Professionals Needed | Remote Agents Needed | Top Guns Only | Business Development | Marketing Reps | Senior Account Executives | Promotional Managers | Looking for Talent | Junior Account Executive | […]

  • Asterpix (who they?) vs. Google

    Some Background First A company called Asterpix ( have a cool tool (Searchlight) for websites (such as this one!).  They analyse the page you are on, include any recent search terms passed in (eg. from Google) and the website you are on and generate a Tag Cloud of words and phrases that seem to be […]