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  • Five Reasons Why Nigeria is the Scamsters’ Safe Haven

    You’d think that by now, everybody would know better than to fall for any of the infamous “Nigerian scams,” such as the 419 scams. (The “419” designation comes from the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code that addresses fraud.) Yet Nigerian scams are alive and well. The 419 scams come in several variations, with a […]

  • ‘Nigerian’ Scam still top online Scam, says PandaLabs

    the best defense PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory has drawn up a ranking of the most widely used scams over the last few years. These confidence tricks, which are still in wide circulation, all have the same objective: to defraud users of amounts ranging from $500 to thousands of dollars. Typically, these scams follow a […]

  • Less 419 Scams while Nigerian Cable is Out?

    Large parts of West Africa have communications blackouts after damage was found on the major undersea fiberoptic cable, known as SAT-3, which supplies countries such as Benin, Togo, Niger and Nigeria. The cable runs from Portugal and Spain to South Africa, via West Africa and has cut 70% of Nigeria’s bandwidth, causing severe problems for […]

  • Scam Victims as Criminal as the Scammers?

    This just in…. Australian victims of Nigerian online scams are greedy and should be jailed along with the Africans who relieved them of their cash, according to High Commissioner Sunday Olu Agb (Nigerian Envoy to Canberra). “People who send their money are as guilty as those who are asking them to send the money,” He […]

  • Mrs Thatcher and the £20,000,000 from her hubby

    From: Lady Rebecca Thatcher. No:36 Old Shrewberry Street, London England. Beloved,i am Lady Rebecca Thatcher, suffering from cancerous ailment..I used to be married to Sir Jeremy Thatcher an Englishman who is dead and resting peacefully. My husband was into private practice all his life before he passed. Our life together as man and wife lasted […]

  • Michigan County treasurer in Million Dollar Nigerian Scam

    A former Michigan county treasurer was arrested last week for allegedly embezzling more than US$1.2 million in public funds, which he sent to a Nigerian fraud scam. Thomas Katona, 56, the former treasurer of Alcona County, was arraigned in a district court on 17 January on eight counts of embezzlement by a public official and […]

  • “Black Money” Scam – As seen on TV

    If you can wait while the ad plays, this is a very interesting backgrounder for the ‘Nigerian’ scam called ‘Black Money’. In this scam, suitcases full of black paper are sold, along with a very expensive chemical which they claim will wash the black ink off the money, returning it to it’s full value. Black […]

  • Today’s Sorry Scam Story

    I had to break some bad news to a very nice, normal, professional lady in San Jose, California today. I got possession of a scammer’s email account and read with horror the scam unfolding. The story was the same as usual, some good Christian person with a large fortune wanting it to go to a […]