Category: money laundering

  • Connecticut Fake Checks (Forwarding Excess) Scam

    SOUTH WINDSOR, Connecticut police today warned of a fraudulent checks scam in which residents have been receiving bogus checks from FedEx or U.P.S. The checks are made out to the resident, and a form letter instructs the recipient to contact the sender via e-mail for further instructions. The scam works by having the unsuspecting recipient […]

  • That ‘Check Receiving’ job IS a scam!

    Here’s a recent scam job offer I received, one of many. Better written than usual, but the same tagline – ‘Payment Processing‘ (aka ‘Transaction Processing Agent‘ etc). This scam involves sending the victim a large check, then asking him to deduct a commission (usually 5-15%) and then to send the rest on to a third […]

  • Skype Chat fails Scamdex Reporting Criteria

    Scamdex believes that every provider of interactive services should have, front and center, a simple way to report abusers of it’s service. So, a provider of free email needs to have an easy-to-find way to report people using it’s email for scamming or spamming. This reporting should be linked directly to a mechanism which flags […]

  • e-Gold indicted on money-laundering charges

    e-Gold, in Melbourne, Florida issued the following shock announcement on their website. “On April 24, 2007, a Federal Grand Jury handed down an indictment charging e-gold Ltd., Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., and the Directors of both companies with money laundering, operating an unlicensed money transmitter business, and conspiracies to commit both offenses.” If half […]