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  • Who or What is BobBear?

    In my infrequent callouts to other websites that  (like Scamdex) were  created out of the blind fury experinced by seeing bad people taking money from good people, I have another site for you to take notice of. But first, a recap: When Scamdex started in 2004, there were very few sites about scams and Internet […]

  • Gringotts Bank Business Opportunity – Harry Potter Spoof Email

    In a lighter vein, here’s one I knocked up myself – guess what I’m reading at the moment! Though seems unsolicited, this owlmail is a business proposal to you. I appreciate the fact that you have every reason to be suspension, please note this proposal is very real. I will employ you to read it […]

  • Hang Seng Bank Shares the Wealth!

    My new friend, Patrick – I Love this guy – he contacts me out of the blue – he’s a high-up in the Hang Seng Bank and yet he find me, despite my never (to my knowledge) having given anyone the slightest idea that I am interested in helping move large amounts of money about […]

  • Insurance Scam Job with tortured bizspeak free!

    Here’s a cute one – of course it’s our old friend the ‘transaction processing clerk’ scam, gussied up a little to be an insurance invoicer/reimburser. What caught my eye was the amusing biz speak which looks like it’s been through the Dialectizer, a website that has been around for years, that will translate any text […]

  • US-CERT Re-Issues Warning about Shopping Online

    This is a notice that you should send to your family and friends, (especially the ‘silver surfers’) and maybe even stick on the ‘fridge door and on the side of your monitor, just so you remember. Help make this a Scam-Free Christmas! US-CERT Issues Warning about Cyber Shopping Online shopping has become a popular way […]

  • $22M in UN Bribe Money to dispose of…… (immoral) suckers wanted

      Return-path: <> Delivery-date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 13:55:08 -0700 (envelope-from <>) id 1KiEua-0001DI-Em Received: from ( []) X-ME-UUID: Reply-To: <“, jan_harry”> From: “H. Jantamanta” <> Subject: [Bulk?]From Harry & Partners Message-Id: <> From: Harry Jantamanta 3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL London Private Mobile: 44 704 576 2068 My name is Harry […]

  • Lawyers get Scammed Too!

    It seems that even ‘those who should know better’ are fair game when it comes to the ubiquitous email scam – lawyers are being targeted for particularly high stakes, on-off counterfeit check scams, solicited via email. The California Bar Journal has provided a nice graphic to show how the scam works. In a recent example, […]

  • Fake Checks – ‘Backgrounder’

    FAKE CHECK SCHEMES American consumers are being defrauded by overseas scam artists. The latest complaints relate to counterfeit checks including cashier’s checks, checks that look like they’re drawn on business accounts, money orders, traveler’s checks and gift cheques. A common theme exists in all of the scams: Just because a deposited check shows up as […]