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  • 100 Days of Scams – Mystery Consignment Box

    So, you’ve been contacted by a senior officer at JFK about an abandoned diplomatic consignment box, containing (approx) $12.5 M, which for some unknown reason has your name on it. Unlikely as that seems, they want to send the box on to you, but there’s a couple of trifling details – a ‘clearance’ fee of […]


    A recent Scam Tip Off Report tells me of a Logistics Position for Recap Distribution. Supposedly operating in Finland, all the money seems to flow to Russia. It’s a simple enough scam – You take a job as a ‘Receivables Clerk’. Packages arrive and you send them on to another address. Money comes in to […]

  • Spoof websites bilk Caledonia man out of $30K

    A man in Caledonia, Wisconsin thought he was buying a car from a reputable website ( and paying for it using a reputable financial site ( Turned out that both sites were so-called ‘spoof sites’ – Identical copies of valid website, used to capture personal information such as credit card numbers/passwords or, as in this […]

  • Online Trading – A Warning!

    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Trading, a guide by US-CERT Online trading can be an easy, cost-effective way to manage investments. However, online investors are often targets of scams, so take precautions to ensure that you do not become a victim. What is online trading? Online trading allows you to conduct investment transactions over the […]

  • TweekServ is a Scam Job (transaction Processing)

    TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam | TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam | TweekServ is a Scam – TweekServ is a Scam It’s just the usual ‘transaction processing’ scam – you get counterfeit checks, they get your hard-earned cash. DO NOT GET INVOLVED. Hello, Thank you for your […]

  • Less 419 Scams while Nigerian Cable is Out?

    Large parts of West Africa have communications blackouts after damage was found on the major undersea fiberoptic cable, known as SAT-3, which supplies countries such as Benin, Togo, Niger and Nigeria. The cable runs from Portugal and Spain to South Africa, via West Africa and has cut 70% of Nigeria’s bandwidth, causing severe problems for […]

  • Hippy-eye-ay – WTF is a HYIP?

    According to Wikipedia, a High Yield Investment Program (aka HYIP) is … A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, which is an investment scam that promises an unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by newcomers. Ok, yet another scam – so what? Well, there’s […]

  • Mortgage/Bankruptcy Scam Warning!

    The US Trustee Program, part of the US DoJ, runs the Federal bankruptcy system, monitoring the conduct of people involved in bankruptcy cases, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and investigating bankruptcy fraud and abuse. They recently issued the following warning for people who are already overwhelmed by the legal juggernaut of a bankruptcy filing and […]