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  • An Alternative to Annoying Ads (Is there one?)

    An Alternative to Annoying Ads (Is there one?)

    I often have brilliant ideas (for websites) while trying to get back to sleep in the early hours of the morning. If I can still remember them I do a little research, only to discover that the idea has been done, and often done to death and there is now a website listing all the […]

  • How do they make blog spam so hard to detect?

    Anyone that has visited a blog or forum will have seen those vaguely annoying one line posts that are generally bad grammer and say nothing except what a great blog it is, how they’ll be back soon and to keep up the good work, right? Well that is so-called ‘Comment Spam’ and it is the […]

  • PHP Exploit URL foxes Apache

    There are a lot of smart people out there who know way too much about computers and software and stuff, like this guy: ‘Perishable Press‘. So, can someone clever please tell me why this simple url hangs up a bunch of seemingly dissimilar web servers: Here’s the deal – when someone asks for a […]

  • Gringotts Bank Business Opportunity – Harry Potter Spoof Email

    In a lighter vein, here’s one I knocked up myself – guess what I’m reading at the moment! Though seems unsolicited, this owlmail is a business proposal to you. I appreciate the fact that you have every reason to be suspension, please note this proposal is very real. I will employ you to read it […]

  • Wall Street Bail-out Scam Email Joke

    As reported in the Washington Post’s “The Trail‘ section, here’s an email that’s making the rounds in Washington, and now, the rest of the world. No one is claiming authorship, but the ‘trail’ seems to start at the SEC. Enjoy! Dear American: I need to ask you to support an urgent secret business relationship with […]

  • ‘Lord of the Rings’ Spoof Scam

    This spoof scam has been around for a while, but it bears repeating. Obviously done by soemone with a high geek factor AND a GSOH! I think I’ll do one in the style of ‘His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman)’ Dear Beloved, I am Danladi Majah , The only Son of late Counsellor Gríma Grimbeth Majah […]