Category: Extortion

  • 100 Days, 100 Scams received by Email

    99.5% of the email scams we receive are in the English language. There may be a few in Chinese/Japanese that don’t get identified by us, but it’s not so easy to spot them. This one appears to be Turkish, and is presumably about getting some of AYMAN AL ZAWAHIRI’s money: Bey, bana izin ver cunku […]

  • dDos attacks on Scamdex – an apology.

    Running the Scamdex Website isn’t a full-time job but occasionally I fall foul of the lovable rogues who perpetrate these scams and who get upset when I tell people about their doings. For example, from mid November in 2012, I had a week of distributed denial of service (dDos) attacks which effectively made stop […]

  • Alleged Image Copyright Theft Scam is a Money Spinner

    I got a comment recently on my blog about a scam that I was unaware of but which, after a small amount of research has made me boiling mad. First, some background The Internet is awash with images – mostly pictures of my cat, I admit, but they are everywhere – the World Wide Web […]