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  • More Spam than Scam, but still….

    More Spam than Scam, but still….

    We’ve been selling cars and motorbikes recently on CraigsList and have noticed a pattern – someone replies to the ad expressing interest and asking all the right kind of questions, but always include ‘Do you have a VIN report on the {vehicle}?’. A fair enough question, but when you reply in the negative, they quickly […]

  • Scamdex Data used in Research – if only they’d asked!

    So a routine search turned up a little Research Paper from the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Trends in Phishing Attacks: Suggestions for Future Research (2011) | Ryan M. Schuetzler | University of Nebraska at Omaha, While I’m flattered by being used as a creditable source, I am upset that they: Used the Scamdex Email […]

  • Voice Message Notification Email Warning Could Be Ransomware

    Voice Message Notification Email Warning Could Be Ransomware Don’t play voice mail messages from suspicious sources. Xavier Mertens at the SANS Internet Storm Center: “Bad guys need to constantly find new ways to lure their victims. If billing notifications were very common for a while, not all people in a company are working with such […]

  • Is it Polish? No – it’s a Czech Scam!

    I would say that 99% of all the scams I see are in English. A smattering of French, Russian and German, even occasionally Italian and Spanish. I have no way of identifying character-based languages (Japanese, Chinese) but I try. This is a new one for me – I first assumed it was Polish, but Google […]

  • 100 Days of Scams – Dying Woman’s Charitable Bequest

    A heart-rending plea from a dying woman for you to take her life savings and distribute them (keeping 30% for yourself). Uses a valid news source to provide veracity. The scam is a simple enough Advance Fee Fraud (aka AFF or 419 scam). Before you see a cent of the $20 mission, you will have […]

  • 100 Days of Scams – Mystery Consignment Box

    So, you’ve been contacted by a senior officer at JFK about an abandoned diplomatic consignment box, containing (approx) $12.5 M, which for some unknown reason has your name on it. Unlikely as that seems, they want to send the box on to you, but there’s a couple of trifling details – a ‘clearance’ fee of […]

  • 100 Days of Scams – From The White House

    #100daysofscams So the White House denied all knowledge of this email – Thanks Obama! ———————————– The white house Office of the presidency Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th street, NW Washington, D.C. Debt settlement of us$10.5 million, Date: 19th February, 2016 Attention: Humble Beneficiary, I have been instructed by the White House president Barrack Obama, and the […]

  • 100 Days, 100 Scams received by Email

    99.5% of the email scams we receive are in the English language. There may be a few in Chinese/Japanese that don’t get identified by us, but it’s not so easy to spot them. This one appears to be Turkish, and is presumably about getting some of AYMAN AL ZAWAHIRI’s money: Bey, bana izin ver cunku […]