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  • More Spam than Scam, but still….

    More Spam than Scam, but still….

    We’ve been selling cars and motorbikes recently on CraigsList and have noticed a pattern – someone replies to the ad expressing interest and asking all the right kind of questions, but always include ‘Do you have a VIN report on the {vehicle}?’. A fair enough question, but when you reply in the negative, they quickly […]

  • WORK FROM HOME!!! (yep, it’s yet another scam)

    Anyone online or offline has seen the ads by now – Money Motivated Pros | Team Leaders Needed | Looking for Recruiters | Professionals Needed | Remote Agents Needed | Top Guns Only | Business Development | Marketing Reps | Senior Account Executives | Promotional Managers | Looking for Talent | Junior Account Executive | […]

  • Mystery Shopper Scam – How and Why it works

    Here’s a little email I receive quite often – I assumed these were scams, but never got round to ionvestigating them until now.  from a Javier Hines [] email address, but wants replies to Michael Bernard []. Irvine, CA 92604-3703 Thank you for your interest in the Mystery Shopper position. Our company conducts surveys and […]

  • Been Scammed on CraigsList? – New Service from Scamdex

    Back in 2008, Scamdex found a blog devoted to outing the huge population of scammers to whom Craigslist is a God-given opportunity to rip off people the world over. The Blog, Exposing scam artists who use Craigslist is still here but hasn’t been updated for a while, which is a shame. Scamdex’s Scam Tip Off […]