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  • Scammers turning your WordPress Website into a Spam/Malware Distributor

    So I get an email from Google complaining that several links from my son’s blog (which I will not name here) are linking to malware sites. The sample links they included were valid but completely foreign to the site, and the pages themselves were mangled versions of existing blog posts, with long lists of search […]

  • Best places in the US to get Scammed Online!

    A report by Symantec (the somewhat self-interested PC Security company) has produced a report that lists the top ten places in the US to be scammed online. The nation’s capital, Washington DC, is top of the cybercrime rankings, mainly due to its high saturation of smartphone usage (second in the country), but the large number […]

  • Big Internet (Facebook, Google) gets serious about Email Scams.

    And this time, they seem to be serious, joining together these powerhouses: * Big Internet: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, LinkedIn etc. * Big Money (aka financial service providers): Bank of America, Fidelity Investments and PayPal. * Big Security: Agari, Cloudmark, eCert, Return Path and the Trusted Domain Project To fight Email Scams, specifically Phishing […]

  • Fake ‘Scam’ Website to Educate Consumers.

    A new initiative has been launched by the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) to educate consumers about the pitfalls of internet scams. They have recently launched an educational campaign that includes a fake ‘scam’ website. To insure to educate consumers about internet scames, with conversion rate optimization strategies, it will allow […]

  • Preventing Identity Theft by Credit Bureau Monitoring

    LifeLock was arguably the first online business to provide consumer-targetted Identity Theft Protection. Since their start in 2005, LifeLock has provided a useful service providing consumers with the tools they need to help protect themselves from identity theft and manage their credit. Scamdex was and continues to be a firm proponent of organizations like LifeLock and there are many imitators out […]

  • Spoof websites bilk Caledonia man out of $30K

    A man in Caledonia, Wisconsin thought he was buying a car from a reputable website ( and paying for it using a reputable financial site ( Turned out that both sites were so-called ‘spoof sites’ – Identical copies of valid website, used to capture personal information such as credit card numbers/passwords or, as in this […]

  • Online Trading – A Warning!

    Avoiding the Pitfalls of Online Trading, a guide by US-CERT Online trading can be an easy, cost-effective way to manage investments. However, online investors are often targets of scams, so take precautions to ensure that you do not become a victim. What is online trading? Online trading allows you to conduct investment transactions over the […]

  • … and now the FTC weighs in.

    After the IC3 list released earlier, the FTC publishes it’s own list of ‘Consumer Complaints’ for 2010 The Federal Trade Commission today released the list of top consumer complaints received by the agency in 2010. And for the 11th year in a row, identity theft was number one. Of 1,339,265 complaints received in 2010, 250,854 (19%)  were related […]