100 Days of Scams – From The White House


So the White House denied all knowledge of this email – Thanks Obama!


The white house
Office of the presidency
Pennsylvania Avenue and 17th street, NW
Washington, D.C.

Debt settlement of us$10.5 million,
Date: 19th February, 2016

Attention: Humble Beneficiary,

I have been instructed by the White House president Barrack Obama, and the senate committee on debt settlements, to communicate with you regarding your unpaid payment contract/inheritance fund worth us$10.5 million. This is to find out from you why you have not been able to receive your approved fund up till now?

This is to notify you that you’re debt settlement contract/inheritance fund have been programmed for immediate payment to you once you are ready to corporate with this office and your inheritance fund payment has been finalized to be released to you as the legitimate beneficiary of the fund.

Meanwhile, I want you to clarify if you indeed approve a man few days ago to claim your fund on your behalf, who now claim that he is your representative sent by you to receive your fund.
Note that he actually tendered some vital document, which proved that you actually sent him for the collection of these funds.

Below is the list of the documents which he tendered to bank:
1. Letter of administration.
2. High court injunction.
3. Order to release.

Due to the nature of my job as the presidential secretary, I cannot afford to make any mistake in releasing the approval fund letter to anyone except you who is the recognized true beneficiary to these funds. Note that I asked him to come back next week so I can verify this fact from you first to know what to do.

However, I am waiting to hear from you shortly, as you provide the required information bellow to enable us start the processing of the payment release order to you. The required information is as stated below:

1. Your name:
2. Your address:
3. Your telephone:
4. Fax:
5. Age:
6. Sex:
7. Your occupation:

I am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible so that I will work with you and make sure that your due belong fund is been released to you as the lawful beneficiary.

Best regards,

Katherine B. Johnson
Personal secretary to United States president Barrack Obama

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