Data Conversion Job Scam is active again

The scam goes like this: a company contacts you about a job where you work from home, doing various office jobs, filing, inventorying stuff, converting data from one format to another. You just need to use an application, the price of which they may or may not refund you on your first paycheck. The software application – “XXXX Inventory Software” costs 60 Euros or £58 or USD60

The ‘sting’ is in the software – it’s useless junk, and even if it isn’t, there’s no “work”. The whole scam is to get you to part with your cash. There is no “work”, or if there is it’ll probably involve you receiving fake checks and sending on the ‘remainder’.

I went to the website CEZASOFT.COM and they don’t accept credit cards [RED FLAG] and you have to contact them to buy the software, and they’ll send you back a Software Order Form which asks you to use a dubious payment provider called, which is basically an untraceable digital conversion of your cash into easily stolen/transferred cash.

I’ve warned about this scam before and the names keep changing so it obviously works. Today it is ‘BYRAM and CEZASOFT’, tomorrow it may change when too many sites such as this report on it.

This is the email you’ll get when yu apply for the job:

Your application is approved, now you can start work with us, attached are employment documents and first paid project work,
we have send you One Day of work But its your first project so you can submit in 3days and after that you have to submit in 24 hours,
attached are the image files of Data Sheets, Guideline of work is attached with this Email on MS word format, kindly read carefully,
Also Guideline Tutorial is included as a Picture format after entering the Data in Ceza Inventory Software Save the files and Saved
files you have to send us back by online software and we will immediately transfer you your first week salary in advance, (get software to )
with this email following files are attached in .ZIP folder,
1: Data Sheets to Complete (Project Pack)
2: Step by Step Guideline and Tutorial (Guideline)
3: Your Salary invoice (Salary)
4: Employment Documents
kindly Download Project zip folder and Extract / Unzip after download: (attached with this email)
Note: its One day of work but you can complete this project in 3 days and contact us back,
eldwin clay

If you see a new websit efor this scam, please comment or email

Here is a Tip Off Report with more details from a Scamdex Contributor

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