dDos attacks on Scamdex – an apology.

Running the Scamdex Website isn’t a full-time job but occasionally I fall foul of the lovable rogues who perpetrate these scams and who get upset when I tell people about their doings. For example, from mid November in 2012, I had a week of distributed denial of service (dDos) attacks which effectively made Scamdex.com stop responding to requests.

A day or so into the attack, I was contacted by the instigator; a nice Russian scammer who said “You see I can bring your server down, now remove the post”. He referred to a post someone had made in the Scam Tip Off Reports section of the site.

I’m sad to say that I had no option other than to comply with is threat on the grounds of ‘The Greater Good’. Cowardly you may say, but dDos attacks are not to be taken lightly and while they were going on, no-one would be able to see anything on Scamdex.

You have all seen the effects that dDos attacks have on even the biggest Internet presences – with all their resources and experts, they can still be reduced to server farms full of technically dead servers – Scamdex really can’t fight this.

I’m sorry if the Russian scammed someone who just might have been saved if the original post had remained online, but my duty is to the whole Internet community, above and beyond the individual. Mea Culpa!

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