How do they make blog spam so hard to detect?

Anyone that has visited a blog or forum will have seen those vaguely annoying one line posts that are generally bad grammer and say nothing except what a great blog it is, how they’ll be back soon and to keep up the good work, right?

Well that is so-called ‘Comment Spam’ and it is the bane of website owners like email spam is to, well, just about everyone else!

What they’re doing is embedding a link to a website either in the profile of the user, the ‘sig’ in the post or even inline in the comment. The vain hope is that ubiquity = high search engine ranking. Anyone who owns a forum will tell you that 90% of their time is spent combing comments for trash like this. Services such as Akismet can catch an awful lot of spam, if supported.

Getting the comment spam int a forum without being recognised is a cat and mouse game that wastes many a webmaster’s time – time better spent improving his SEO :’). One way hey hide the spam is by changing it to avoid detection.

This snippet of text I received (accidentally, I’m sure) from a blog post that Akismet correctly marked as spam is obviously intended to be used as a data file for some randomized blog post comment spamming system. I could write quickly one if I had the time. Perhaps me listing it here will help the people fighting the terrible scourge of self-publicizing spam comments.

{My husband and i|My spouse and i|My wife and i} {ended up being|felt|got|have been|were} {|absolutely|now|quite|really|so|very} {cheerful|comfortable|contented|delighted|ecstatic|excited|fortunate|fulfilled|glad|happy|joyful|joyous|lucky|more than happy|peaceful|relieved|satisfied|thankful|thrilled} {|that|when} {Albert|Chris|Edward|Emmanuel|Ervin|John|Jordan|Louis|Michael|Peter|Raymond} {could|managed to} {carry out|complete|conclude|deal with|do|finish off|finish up|round up} his {analysis|basic research|homework|inquiry|investigation|investigations|preliminary research|reports|research|researching|studies|survey|web research} {because of the|by way of the|from the|from your|out of the|through the|through the entire|through your|using the|via the|while using the|with the} {ideas|precious recommendations} he {acquired|came across|discovered|gained|got|grabbed|had|made|obtained|received|was given} {from your|from your own|from your very own|in your|out of the|out of your|through the|through your|using your|when using the|while using the} {blog|site|web page|web pages|web site|weblog}. {It’s not at all simplistic|It is now and again perplexing} {just to|to just|to simply} {always be|be|choose to be|continually be|find yourself|happen to be|possibly be} {freely giving|giving away|giving for free|giving freely|giving out|handing out|making a gift of|offering|releasing} {concepts|facts|guidance|guidelines|guides|helpful hints|helpful tips|hints|ideas|information|information and facts|instructions|key points|methods|points|procedures|secrets|secrets and techniques|solutions|steps|strategies|tactics|techniques|things|thoughts|tips|tips and hints|tips and tricks|tricks} {|that|that many|which|which often|which usually} {a number of people|many others|many people|men and women|most people|other folks|other people|others|people|people today|some other people|some others|some people|the others|the rest} {could have been|have been|may have been|might have been} {making money from|selling|trying to sell}. {And now we|And we|And we all|And we also|So we|Therefore we|We|We really} {acknowledge|already know|consider|discover|do know|do understand|figure out|fully grasp|fully understand|grasp|keep in mind|know|realize|recognize|remember|see|take into account|understand} {we’ve got|we have|we have got|we need|we now have} {the blog owner to|the website owner to|the writer to|you to} {appreciate|be grateful to|give thanks to|thank} {because of that|for that|for this}. {All of the|All the|Most of the|The|The entire|The main|The most important|The specific|The type of|These|Those} {explanations|illustrations} {you’ve made|you have made|you made}, {the easy|the simple|the straightforward} {blog|site|web site|website} {menu|navigation}, the {friendships|relationships} {you|you can|you will|your site} {aid to|assist to|give support to|help|help to|make it easier to|make it possible to} {create|eng

If you’re too lazy to do it yourself, here’s a simple example:

// Put all the above into a variable called $spam
$spama = preg_split(‘/[{}]/’,$spam,-1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
foreach ($spama as $bit) {
$b = explode(‘|’,$bit);
print $b[rand(0,count($b))].’ ‘;

Actually, I found a little time and came up with the Scamdex Blog/Forum Spam Generator.
Click here for a sample

If anyone out there has seen similar spam or scam templates, please please send them to me!!

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5 responses to “How do they make blog spam so hard to detect?”

  1. When I initially left a comment I clicked on the Notify me whenever new comments are added checkbox and now each and every time a remark is added I receive 4 email messages with the identical comment.

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  3. Internet free images (photos or pics.) scams.
    Internet companies offer photos and pics for sale, asking a high fee
    (f. ex., $500).
    At the same time, some of those photos and pics are placed in blogs and sites with no apparent connection to the original company. However, such items now appear with the indication “copyright free”, or just “free photos or pics”.
    Periodically, such “ghost-sites or ghost -blog ” disappear, being replaced by new ones serving the same purposes.
    People coming across such “free photos & pics” may place them in their company sites or personal blogs.
    And then, the original company mails them a letter, demanding payment and compensation for the unauthorized use of their images.
    Did you come across any scams of the kind? How should one react, upon receiving such extortion letters?
    Albert Lancaster

  4. as an exmple of comments spam, here’s one that was in response to this very blog post:

    Yuk Kreul really wants people to go to his website (spam, some dance/fitness blog of dubious worth. He is probably paying some SEO “guu” $50 to get his website to the top of Google’s Search results. Instead, he is being made a pariah of the internet by being blasted to every blog, forum and comment site from to Anyway, this is what he has to say. Trenchant and strangely moving, though obviously written by someone with only a rudimentary knowledge of English. Here’s his comment in it’s entirety:

    An outstanding share, I am strongly about this and love reading more on this topic.This can be a great post and don’t hesistate to update your blog with increased details! It truly is highly helpful for me. Big thumb up due to this article!

    Fabulous, n’est pas?

  5. Akismet will remove most of it but some SPAM will left, other way is to include No Follow tag to comments. Also there is a lot of agencies which offer that kind of spam as their service, and they spam for money.. Facebook comments is great thing 🙂

    Also you have great blog for security, thanx for sharing! My spouse and i LOL

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