Best places in the US to get Scammed Online!

A report by Symantec (the somewhat self-interested PC Security company) has produced a report that lists the top ten places in the US to be scammed online.

The nation’s capital, Washington DC, is top of the cybercrime rankings, mainly due to its high saturation of smartphone usage (second in the country), but the large number of politicos, lobbyists [and all their money] must be a significant factor too.

It’s not all bad news, the study helpfully tells us that the top rated cities for risk of cybercrime are not necessarily the top rated cities for actual infection.

Risk elements that make this list are smartphone usage, widespread Wi-Fi hotspots and heavy Internet throughput which is presumably what brought Sacramento into the top ten for the first time. Sacramento apparently scored above average across all cybercrime risk categories.

1. Washington, D.C.
2. Seattle
3. San Francisco
4. Atlanta
5. Boston
6. Denver
7. Minneapolis
8. Sacramento, Calif.
9. Raleigh, N.C.
10. Austin, Texas

At the bottom of the list are cities such as Tulsa, Detroit and El Paso.

Symantec’s conclusions are to beware of using Wi-Fi hotspots for sensitive transactions and to use complex, unguessable passwords for all your online transactions. (and that does not include ‘abc123’, ‘qwerty’ or ‘password’, Mister!).

The full report, with complete ranking of the top 50 cities can be found here

8 responses to “Best places in the US to get Scammed Online!”

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  5. He is in another country. I have searched the scammers websites and cannot find him anywhere. My scammer before, I found (afterwards) on one of the scammer sites. I have been talking to him for over a year. He hasn’t asked for much. I’ve sent him small things like cards, keychains, etc. How can I check his isp location for free? Is there anywhere else I can check to see if he’s on the list? I met him while I was being scammed by the other guy. He tried to stop me. Of course I didn’t listen. He taught me ALOT of what to look out for , how to turn the guy in, (of course, and he admitted this, nothing would happen) etc. Now he is planning to come here to be with me. My heart of course says one thing but my mind is still a bit questioning. He’s come through on everything he promised me so far. I just really want to believe there ARE nice people other places. I’ve had 2 divorces here in the states and don’t need more probs….What would you do?

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