WORK FROM HOME!!! (yep, it’s yet another scam)

Anyone online or offline has seen the ads by now –

Money Motivated Pros | Team Leaders Needed | Looking for Recruiters | Professionals Needed | Remote Agents Needed | Top Guns Only | Business Development | Marketing Reps | Senior Account Executives |
Promotional Managers | Looking for Talent | Junior Account Executive | Marketing and Sales | We Need Strong Phone Associates – Incoming Calls | Seasoned Reps /Team Leaders | Looking for Experienced Team Builders | Inbound Phone Associates |Sales Openers and Closers Needed Now – All Inbound | Confident Strong Reps for Easy Phone Work | Inbound Sales/Marketing Representatives | Phone Based Sales | Team Leaders Needed – All Calls Incoming

Whether it’s spam, popups, ads on your favorite website, flyers stuffed in your letterbox or even personal solicitation – it’s everywhere and there is a very good reason.

I’m talking about the ‘Free Cash Machine’ or ‘Daily Income Career Network’  (aka hundreds of other names which change daily).

It’s an operation which while technically isn’t a scam, it sails as close to the ‘S’ word as possible and uses every unethical and questionably moral trick in the very same book that scammers use.

How it works
Daily Income Network Video – How it all works (according to them)

This is a very sophisticated operation that strings together every tried and trusted technique (Ponzi, MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Spam, Deceptive Advertizing) into one large funnel, with your money at one end and their bank account at the other.

Their advertising is very keen to make out that it costs you nothing (to get started). This alone helps them get past one hurdle, the on-line job websites will not accept any vacancy that carried an up-front fee. So that means that CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Your-Local-Classifieds and more will be full of the same ad in a different cloak.

Scam Job Listing on CareerBuilder

Part 1 – Trainee
After looking through their training materials, it first appears that the ‘job’ is signing up for trial periods with web-based companies (such as Free Credit Reports, ID Protection, Satellite Dishes etc.). After doing this, the job is to get as many other people to do the same thing. This generates affiliate income which is where all the $20 bills start appearing. Spam more of the people you know into signing up for dodgy services and the more money you make.

Part 2 – Passed Probation
After you’ve alienated your family and all the people you’ve ever got an email address from, you’ll be hungry to find some more income opportunities. This isn’t a problem, the helpful FCM/DICN people have a website jammed full of helpful resources to help you write, distribute, market and communicate with lots of new people who probably don’t live anywhere near you. And guess what? they ALL cost something.

Any questions? Here’s all the answers

So now, you’re faced with spending money to spam people, spam craigslist, spam every forum and blog and comment form on the world wide web. They have links to automated bots, email spam lists, classified ad sales – even printers who will print $100 flyers for you to ‘drop’ at every retail business in town… and did I mention that they all cost $$$?

Part 3 – Team Leader
But the basic business premise (getting people to signup for web-based services that they’ve already got sick of seeing on the websites that they already visit) has begun to pall. Your friends now not only avoid you on sight, but have de-friended you on FaceBook and publicly disassociated themselves from you on Linked-In. But you still have friends on FCM/DICN – they have a way you can make even more money – by promoting the lame-ass ‘money-making opportunity’ that you were fooled into getting involved in. So, in true Ponzi style, you end up promoting a job that involves nothing more than promoting the job itself.

Part 4 – Retirement
… and good luck getting out. By now you’ve probably given your credit card numbers to a whole bunch of shady internet crooks, who will use them when they get a chance to defraud you further. You have no friends and your family have changed the locks.

Let this be a warning to you. Home based businesses DO exist, but the only ones you’ll see on Craigslist are the ones that take money FROM you, not the other way round.

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  1. Don’t ever pay up front for a online opportunity to make mega dollars. It is a scam 99% of the time.

  2. I responded to an ad by calling a # advertised on CL by some Kevin Carvalho who claimed lived in my town Lancaster PA. He was eloquent and spit a lot of info to confused me. Finally, I signed up by paying a $ to free by credit card then was referred to watch the very poor quality videos for training. I suggested we meet to discuss the bznes face to face but he was reluctant which made me suspicious. His # is a 774 are code while mine is 717. After 2 weeks I tried to contact him so I could get more concise directions and deeper info on how this works. 3 emails, no response. Then a text. He responded with a short email that he doesn’t understand what I need bc I have already signed up and that he was in hospital. I gave my sorry for being in hospital. That was early Dec ’13. No word from him to-date. I have dialed in to listen to the Wed training but l get more general inspirational info than facts to do the bzness. I emailed the so called CEOs but no response. I continue being suspicious of DMT .

  3. Oh, hilarity realized. Anyone realize this thread is an ouroboros? Part of the job is to recruit others to do the job, so of course, those working for these agencies will spam scam reports in their employer’s defense. I agree that this whole debacle grazes the “s” in “scam.” It actually reminds me of a digital version of the now proverbial door-to-door kitchen knife salesman, at least in regards to its business model. Anyone remember that episode of “King of the Hill?” There’s your visual.

    As I see it, there are two questions you need to ask yourself before signing on with one of these companies:

    1. Are you comfortable giving out your credit card to a shit-ton of companies? Keep in mind the risks therein – identity theft, etc. Furthermore, are you together enough to cancel every trial?

    2. Would you be able to sleep at night knowing you work for the dipshits who flood craigslist with crap, the demons who force you to install ad blockers, and the eloquent (and not so eloquent) vessels of false information who comment on every blog entry one finds when searching “DMT” and “scam,” most of them using the same buzzwords and catch phrases? This industry is so fundamentally evil that it pays its people to disseminate propaganda, screwing with any integrity the Internet may have as a source of information, insulting honest bloggers and journalists everywhere. I would consider actual prostitution a more respectable means of making a living.

    On DMT specifically: I didn’t get farther than the phone call and webinar. The question and answer portion was a farce. The chat room was stuffed with fakes and agents – including the woman who’d phoned me – and all the “questions” were clearly timed to coincide with the pre-recorded video. I had to laugh. My personal delight in absurdity aside, I wouldn’t trust any company that lies to you at first greeting, even a deception as innocuous as the facade of a “live” webinar. Final two cents: Stay safe – don’t trust DMT, and don’t work for the devil. (Ironically, they’re so rabidly Christian that it came up in the webinar. Hah! Jesus would weep.)

  4. I don’t know what company this review is written about, but it’s not DMT. There are some remotely similar elements, but the details are totally distorted. For starters, there is NO expense in getting started and most recruiters reimburse their new hires for what may amount to $20 in trial offer fees. You couldn’t POSSIBLY spend thousands of dollars, unless you wrote a charity check to the owner of the company. The sponsored companies are not internet shylocks, unless you consider Walmart, Disney, Discover Card, Target, GoDaddy or Gamefly to fit that description. So, erase the notion of some bulldog looking dood, covered in tattoos, sitting in a basement, stealing your credit card info. Anyone who can’t pick up the phone and cancel an offer deserves to be charged and charged until they come to their senses. DUHHH. Never had a single person incur an unwarranted charge. Also, I have NEVER chased a single friend or family member down and wrestled their credit card from them to sign them up. I do place WAH employment ads on over 400 sites and my phone/email blow up about 50 times a day…So, I haven’t had to go chasing anyone yet. Last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal, immoral or illicit in any way to refer people to try offers (for FREE) from national advertisers and earn a good living doing so. Just saying, it may not be for everyone, but its definitely NOT A SCAM! ALL of my people know exactly what the job is before they sign up, and quite a few have changed their whole financial situation. If its a scam, I’m proud to be a part of it.

  5. Okay first off this article is bogus. I am an independent marketing rep for the Daily Money Team. I do not understand what he was saying. We do not spam Craigslist because we can’t. The terms and conditions will not allow it. We are a legitimate advertising group that works with fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart and Descover card. Do you really think that these companies will allow someone to trash their name? Second we fill out free trial offers to understand the product we are advertising. ALL ADVERTISING COMPANIES DO THIS. We are the leading incentivized freebies site online. We have grown to over 60,000 Members. I will admit that we do hire on people of all different creeds. This is why you may have not understood the lady that you talked to. Third i make $1500 to $2000 every two weeks from this job. We provide work to those in need. If you actually follow the system you can and WILL make money. It is not free to start I have seen those ads to, more examples of people not following directions. I can guarantee that you can start at entry level with only $4.00 out of pocket. Please don’t let close minded people who don’t know what they are saying influence your decision. If you do want to know more legitimate information on this company go to

  6. I am a NEW agent with an affiliate marketing program like the one mentioned in this original rant. I am with Daily Money Team (DMT) which is currently the fastest growing online employer on the net. Don’t you think that they would have been shut down by now if they were a scam? They currently have over 20,000 agents and have a very high profile. So, they are not conducting business behind the bushes.

    Guess what??? IT IS FREE. F.R.E.E.!!! So, the rest is pure rubbish. If you don’t like it, don’t like the offers, don’t like the training, don’t like the way your breath smells when it blows back off the screen while your’re working the program…SO WHAT? QUIT. You would have spent MORE ON GAS driving to work and back one day than you will spend on this great marketing/employment opportunity.

    Every comment here about people spending XX $$ and getting ripped off is a testimony to the fact that they are complete liars or total morons. The ONLY way a person gets charged ANYTHING is if they CHOOSE to complete an offer with a minimal charge (like $4.95 or less) OR, MORE THAN LIKELY…THEY had their heads up their asses and didn’t cancel the offer within the trial period. There is nothing hidden or shady about when the trials end, so it is 100% the responsibility of the individual who signs up for that trial to cancel it. Some people will NEVER take responsibility for their own stupidity, especially if it costs them money. This is complete BS. These programs are 100% FREE, if you follow the simplest instructions!
    For those who have said the company does NOT represent national advertisers like Walmart, Target, TransUnion, Disney, etc. They are lying; bald face lying. I just completed my offers and ALL of those companies were featured in the offers. There are also less known companies on the networks. It’s all about choice…NO ONE has to sign up for or pay anything they don’t want. Period!
    I think this person on this post is a TROLL. I don’t understand what motivation one would have to undermine a really great opportunity that can help people, but it is truly nasty.
    I have been with the company about a week-I am not chasing any friends or family, spamming or scamming, and yes, I am already making money, getting paid instantly, and I haven’t even completed training. One of my mentors has been with the company for 3 years,,,yes 3 years, and she makes very good, consistent money day in and day out.
    If you would like additional (REALITY BASED) information about DMT and the NO COST opportunity, please contact me at
    Keeping it REAL!

  7. OK…that is what I wanted to hear in regards to Daily Money Team! I knew there was something fishy about them but surprisingly…there is not many bad reviews on Google about them?? All I wanted to know was more information about how it worked without talking to them first. I wanted to do my research first. I did call a phone # listed on the Craigslist ad and got ahold of a woman I could hardly understand due to her accent. I had to ask for the name of the business three times before I could understand it. I had wondered if this was a spam operation? I have never written on a site like this before but I just wanted to THANK YOU for sharing and keep up the good work here! I don’t want to become a spammer. OK…on to looking for a real job thanks to YOU!

  8. Public opinion is worthless! Stop being swayed by listening to “gurus.” Do your own research, make your own decisions, and grow up!

    Daily Income Network is NOT a scam. I do not use this specific company, but there are many similar referral companies springing up now. THE INTERNET IS TAKING MUCH PROFITS FROM TRADITIONAL BUSINESSES, so they are using every avenue possible to keep their profit margin or they will have to downsize or go out of business. The latest avenue is “referral agents.”

    This business model is 100% free, if the person that introduced you to it reimburses you for any out of pocket expenses require to qualify before you can make money, usually under $25 for accepting offers from these advertising companies. If you don’t want to keep your trial membership with the advertising companies, just cancel, and there is no risk. Also, there are dozens of free classified online websites and other free avenues to advertise online, so there is absolutely no out of pocket expenses, unless you choose to pay for it.(much faster results)
    My website for this business is

    However, I do not work that system, even though I set it up, because it is free to do so, but I use a much more lucrative business opportunity, which does have a minimal upfront expenses, but it pays 100% commission, so you can make your money back in almost no time. It started on October 31, 2011, and it has 140,000 Internet Marketers. The company has already paid out 40,000,000 in 1 1/2 years! Anybody can do this business from your own home part-time or full-time, and replace their current “corporate slavery” position within 30 to 60 days, if they are humble and disciplined enough to follow the instructions.

    I will be glad to help you personally if you are interested. It will not be overnight, but it is not rocket science, it is very simple common sense. Contact me directly if you would like.

    Twitter @imbigidea

    FB business page:


    Business Skype: bim858

    Best regards,


  9. Look this post is really funny because you have all these people who said the lost thousands of dollars on this program. That is a bunch of bull because all you had to do was cancel your membership in a 7 day period. I just do not get how company’s like FREECREDITREPORT.COM could even take your money. Guys this is a simple site, that tells you what you get and which offers to take and when you market and refer other people you get paid plan and simple. People amaze me who have never made a dime online or selling anything, can say that this program or any other program in network marketing is a scam. People get the facts, you could have gotten you mother ,friend or who ever to take the trial through the system and if you did not get paid then yes that would be a scam, but folks trust me you get paid and you can take this from a guy who has made thousands with this program part time.

  10. This company is toatley a scam. I know three people that have lost over a thousand dollars and have had to cancel their credit cards to stop them from charging their account. The company has spammers that check out all the sites like this and post to try to make it appear that it’s a legit business.
    The best thing to do is for every one to contact their Representative and demand they pass laws to stop these internet scammers. In today’s economy common since should tell you if something like this were legit , Millions of people would be doing it . Put these scammers in jail.

  11. Hello from India. After losing over $30,000 (Well, that’s over 18,00,000 Indian Rupees at current exchange rates) trying to various get rich scams since 2006, the ONE solid lesson I’ve learned is: There are only a VERY FEW ways to make long term income without getting scammed:
    1) Sell either your own product or service – either on-line or off-line that you create based on YOUR OWN skills/experience and/or marketing them as an affiliate.
    2) If you can’t figure out things on your own: Try and get a reliable coaching program to learn skills of online marketing INSTEAD of going after the next shiny object thrown at you. It is better to spend $37-97 (depending on the program) every month on ONE single program that teaches a few time-tested skills with long-term benefits instead of one after the other here today gone tomorrow $37 dollar wonder that stops working within a month of launch!
    3) Stay far, FAR away from ANY program or offer that DOES not tell you what is it you’re buying into before pay some money and more – Video sales pitches can be very tricky!
    4) Avoid ALL programs like plague that ask you to give your phone number and are NOT part of reputed affiliate networks like ClickBank/ANY other PayPal supported websites – as they will not have that PayPal buyer protection and you’ll be literally “donating to the devil.”
    5) Avoid ALL offers that involve or encourage some kind of spamming on online forums and social networks (yes those $37 get rich in 14 clicks overnight wonders). Also avoid programs with “cooperative ad” schemes.
    6) Avoid too rich too soon instant pay kind of programs or any sales pitches that project or think you into believing you’ll start earning like that. There are other recurring costs involved – major costs of upgrades and/or getting people to see your offers.

  12. Daily Income Network is NOT a scam in any way! Just because this site owner has no clue about Internet Marketing, doesn’t make it a scam.
    It is not the program that is a scam, what the problem is some of the People promoting it use shady tactics in there advertising methods.
    That doesn’t make the Program bad, If people use proper methods of advertising then they will make money.
    Yes there are some paid programs promoted within the system, but you do not have to join to make any money or use the system. They are options, The real fact is unless you actually invest in a business you will never make any money. there are no Free rides. This is just another site owner who can’t do it himself , so he has to blame the program…Just for the record I make no less then $500+ per week with DIN, so it’s no Scam!

  13. It is real and if you got charged $30.00 then you didnt opt in through the free trial part I used to be like you guys and you have good reason to be I know nobody here knows me I’m a 24yr old african american young woman and I’d be the first to doubt shit like this i’m very skeptical and a natural worrier but this actually works and if it weren’t free please believe I wouldn’t have tried it but since we’ve all tried a free trial one time or another in our lives I knew how that part worked just simply cancel b4 being charged.
    Now to limit your worries about offers pick something you would’ve tried anyway so perhaps you might wanna keep it, come on you guys I don’t give a fuck enough to write out this long drawn out message for some shit that don’t work it works and I dont want to be the only one making money while you are in frustration about finding a legit site to earn some income on when i’ve found one that does just that, I use to surf the net in constant annoyance with finding nothing that was legit and someone helped me and i’m tryna help you if it didnt work what would i gain from telling you all of this , so at this point I give no more psa’s i’ve done my part either you believe it or you dont regardless i’m gonna keep getting payments in my paypal and paying my bills losing no sleep, your loss.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve found a program that actually works i’m just actually getting started a couple of weeks ago I have a handful of tips in ways to utilize this program to make even more money. If you need proof just ask and I will be happy to show you the few payments I recieved through paypal, just try it out. The most you have to do in the 3 steps to get you started is to do trial offers, plenty are free you just cancel before the trial is over to avoid ever being charged, signing up for a free trial is a hell of a lot less stressful than paying for some secret system that won’t work that you’ve paid $50+ for , you all want to make money but want it just handed to you, the next best thing to just having it handed to you which will never happen is what i’m gonna show. You work at your own pace and you get paid EVERYDAY!!!

  15. Hmm, I am still not sure I believe it to be a scam. People complain about everything no matter what it is. There is an pros and cons to all jobs and that includes internet based ones. It would be good to hear from some people who have actually tried the program. As with anything some people will complain. Shh, people complain about Walmart and say their a scam too so uhh, okay whatever.

  16. Dear Mr. MXW:
    Let me be the first to say that this an affiliate marketing and no it isn’t a SCAM. You partner will fortune 500 companies to try products. It is trial, nothing about that yells the S word. And they pay you! I’e gotten paid over $300 dollars trying products, and receiving gifts of $25 Walmart Gift cards, Cash rebates and money off of hotels and trips. It does not pull money from your account if you do not want it to and the training is outstanding. You would pay over $4,000 to learn about video broadcasting, creating ads, using FB and Google to promote your home based business. That is right, I said Business. You use the internet to brand and market a product whether it be Mary Kay, Nutritional Supplements, or any other product. So before you yell the S word. Do your research!

  17. F@$!K OFF Michael . You’re full of it. Why do you have comments blocked on your YT vids and all your info is purposefully anonymous? It’s laughable but I doubt any of the poor desperate souls you’ve screwed over are laughing. There’s a special place in hell for degenerates like you.

  18. Wow, someone just posted this program on my site, so I decided to do a little digging. First of all, I’m always weary of things that say “FREE” and “GUARANTEED”. I’ve lived long enough to know that everything has a cost and been working in this business for quite some time to know that nothing is guaranteed.

    With that said, everyone has their own opinion and will base that on their success or failure in any given situation. Some things work for some people and not for others. That’s just the way things go. Would I use this program? Probably not. And not based on other peoples comments, but based on the fact that they hide behind the word FREE. If the true service costs a $1, say that. It’s so simple and will lead those that don’t want to spend any money in a different direction.

    It would be interesting to see the numbers of those that spent money on this program and what their ROI is. I have people that would like to know, so if you’re will to share facts, not just opinions, please contact me.



  19. Uhm sorry folks, I have made $800.00 this week with this system and I haven’t pissed off any one. Best of look with your 9 to 5.

  20. I got an email from Daily Income Network, and as I walked through the initial tour, I wondered how this thing worked. Instead of acting on it, I googled and found your review of it. THANK YOU! I have no desire to go that route!

  21. Simple, all of the people they filter in through DIN, can also join GDI under them, so yes, that’s 10’s of thousands of sign ups under them with more to come. All it is is a filtering process, pretty smart idea they came up with.

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