Fighting the Credit Card Scammers (and the baddest countries!)

Fraudlabs are aimed at online retailers and they provide some useful services for checking that the credit card transaction you are about to approve looks ‘right’. Given a combination of IP address, shipping address and credit card identification, they will give you a clear description of why that transaction is not a good risk.

In the case of stolen credit cards, scammers use US-based drop houses as delivery addresses and the credit card they are using will almost certainly be based elsewhere and the IP address they are using for the online order is probably in one of those oh-so-fraud-friendly countries like Nigeria, Romania, Korea, Chine, etc etc etc.

It’s not foolproof – if your sister’s deadbeat husband ‘borrows’ your credit card to buy a new guitar then it’s likely not to raise any red flags – but if your credit card details get ‘lost’ by an online retailer and a chappie in South Korea suddenly wants to buy 20 ipods and have them sent to the other coast – Bingo!

Anyway, if you are interested in what they have to sell, click here and help Scamdex earn some affiliate income.

Here’s a chart that they produce showing the most Evil :() countries, this week

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  1. While we’re dabbling in the area of ScamBlog » Fighting the Credit Card Scammers (and the baddest countries!), The newest round of “foreclosure prevention” solutions from the Obama administration unfortunately will not fare much better. Lenders are currently overwhelmed with calls from borrowers since the plan was announced, and don’t have the resources or the training to deal with the inquiries.

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