World Scam Roundup Report

More examples from round the globe of scams – and these are just the ones that get reported – There are many more that never make it to print!

Scam Watch
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
In a call typical of the scam, a fake Red Cross worker tells a military spouse that he needs to verify personal information, including Social Security

Scam hits Prince Albert

Prince Albert Daily Herald – Prince Albert,Saskatchewan,Canada
Police are warning local citizens to beware of a recent scam, which claims to offer a winning prize. Letters sent by mail, e-mail, or phone solicitation

Across Missouri: Internet scam targets hay sales

Kansas City Star – MO,USA
You are now the target of an Internet scam aimed at the agriculture community, according to Attorney General Jay Nixon. The state Agriculture Department offers a hay directory on its Web site where farmers register to advertise and sell their hay. But con artists are contacting sellers registered on the site to scam them, Nixon said.

The hay seller receives an e-mail from someone claiming to be a buyer. The seller then receives a large check and is asked to wire money to a hauler, who is supposed to pick up the hay. The seller then finds out weeks later that the original check has bounced.

ID scam preys on military families
Palm Beach Post – FL, United States
The Federal Trade Commission immediately issued an advisory after finding out about the scam, a spokeswoman said. Identity theft on members of the military has surged in recent years, experts say, with twinning issues that put them especially at risk: long deployments away from home and their Social Security numbers, their main form of identification, tacked all over the place. “They will put it right on their bunks,” said Justin Yurek, an identity theft specialist who recently testified before a congressional subcommittee.

Woman falls victim to pet-purchasing scam

WFAA (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
By BOB GREENE / WFAA-TV A North Texas woman is speaking out in an effort to warn others after she said she fell victim to a pet-purchasing scam.

and other newsgroups, offering cheap software and cracks. On NO account should you attempt to do business with them, they are a complete scam. If you order software from them you will lose your money. You have been WARNED!

Nigeria: Minister, ex-Legislator in $100 million scam

Scam wipes smile off builder’s face
Dispatch Online – South Africa
By LUYANDA MAKAPELA A BUFFALO Flats subcontractor told of how he fell prey to a scam after he met three people believed to belong to a money-making racket

Corpus Christi resident warns against check scam
KRIS-TV – Corpus Christi,TX,USA
CORPUS CHRISTI – A Corpus Christi man wants to send out a warning about a new mail scam to which he almost fell victim. Victims of these mail scams can lose

Beware City Map Scam
Today’s THV – Little Rock,AR,USA
A news release yesterday from McDaniel’s office said scam artists were showing up at small businesses trying to sell advertising space on promotional maps

Gas bosses investigate bear-faced credit scam
Scotsman – United Kingdom
UP to 90 Scottish Gas staff have been suspended after allegedly netting £27000 by taking advantage of a glitch in the company’s reward scheme.

Huge fine for Richard and Judy phone scam

Independent – London,England,UK
By Emily Dugan The Richard & Judy television phone-in scandal reached its conclusion yesterday when the competition telephone operator employed by Channel 4

Swissfranc Internet Ponzi Scam

By ka edong
In this story, I share how I encountered the Swissfranc Internet Scam 4 weeks before the story broke out, how I analyzed the investment and how we acted based on the information we had. On June 5, an officemate and good friend of mine
Technobiography –

5th Dimensions Promotionz (scam?)
By djrayz
I get really passionate about issues and scams like these, that profit off of peoples willingness to help each other out. Definatly don’t support company’s like this. There are resources out there to clairify whether a Charity is out
RaYz Blizzog –

Encounter with How to Spot an Internet Scam
By ka_edong
This week, I realized the gravity of the scam: 1 Billion Pesos lost by innocent Filipino investors! In this article, I describe how some financial common sense, some use of technology sleuthing and some Internet research could help
Pinoy Tech Blog – The Philippines’… –

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