That ‘Check Receiving’ job IS a scam!

Here’s a recent scam job offer I received, one of many. Better written than usual, but the same tagline – ‘Payment Processing‘ (aka ‘Transaction Processing Agent‘ etc). This scam involves sending the victim a large check, then asking him to deduct a commission (usually 5-15%) and then to send the rest on to a third party, usually by money order, or our good friends at Western ‘The Scammers Best Friend’ Union.

The hit comes when the original check bounces. This may take up to three weeks, by which time many more checks may have been ‘processed’.

Just because your bank accepts a check, doesnt mean it’s good – it just means that until it has cleared, it’s good.

And it’s no use crying to the bank – it’s YOUR money that you’re sending, not theirs and if that means you own the bank that money – well, you owe the bank that money.

There’s also another nasty aspect to this scam – the victim may (unknowingly) be taking part in money laundering activities to terrorist organizations, crime syndicates etc. and the cops may want to know why you’re helping them!

From: Mr. Luan Newborn

(Public Relations Officer)

Dear Friend,

I would like to get right to it and let you know that this program is only for serious-minded marketers who believe in taking action and making things happen…

But Please: Understand that most marketers out there jump-around from one thing to the next and treat this business as a game. Most out there are not serious and have no “real” intention of ever really making any kind of difference in their lives.

Most people also believe they can “make it” in this business “on their own” and it seems those people continue to fail over-and-over again. Since we cannot possibly work directly with every single person out there, this program is “limited” and only for serious minded individuals in the globe.

I know: That may sound a bit harsh, but the minute you are part of this “close-nit” , you will see for yourself just how serious we ALL are about making money – and helping each other grow to new levels of business achievement!

As if you did not already know this: Most people out-there have no-clue and probably never will unless they get involved with other serious people who can assist them with their growth.

I believe it was best said by one of our foreign staff here:


You are about to see for yourself: “WHY” and “HOW” this program can guide you and our firm to greater achievement!

Plus, you will see first hand how this special opportunity contains so much value… many would simply refer to it as PRICELESS!

However, there is only one way for you to determine for sure this is for you and that is by thoroughly investigating this program and making absolute sure… it is for you!

Here’s what I mean by that…

Are you a serious minded person?

Do you realize how important it is to take action?

Do you have a real desire to make more money?

Are you coach-able?

Do you realize 99% of the time there is no over-night success?

Do you fully believe you can live a better, more financially prosperous life?

If you agree with all of those bullet points, then you are who we are looking for. And… this program is without a doubt… FOR YOU!

I am quite certain: If you investigate this program completely, you will find that this membership is – by far – the best opportunity on the net for achieving results and earning piles of cash… hands down!

Let me introduce you to our signature program…

Welcome To… Start Point Limited
We have a job offer available for you. We are a company based in Asia and our products is being recognised by the world’s hauling industries. For now we have only four (4) agents working for the firm outside Malaysia and we tend to boost our agents population so we can have direct access to customer’s around the world with great ease and good timing.

Your responsibility as an agent:

You will have to direct payments owed our firm by ordering customers from your region and then process payments and invoice on goods and services rendered. Once we deliver goods to customers in your region we will alert you of both the transactions and also send copis of prrof of dealings to you, so you can also contact the customer and get payments from dem directly.

You will in return deduct 10% from every payment you have recieved on behalf of the firm and remitt the balance 90% to our head office here in Asia. It’s that simple.

Kindly send the below informations over for creation of your file and immediate working relationship commencement:

Full Names:
Contact or Mailing address and:
Phone/Fax numbers:
Current Occupation:

If you wish to apply send the above informations including this reference position number N°:- A7HE9SPL and please contact us by replying at this e-mail address ( to receive an Agents Proof of Contract .

Attached copy for proof of yourself will be an advantage.

We will never ask you for anything more then that, no bank names, no bank account number, routing number, credit card, passwords, ssn # etc. If anyone asks for those on our behalf please do not give out this informations. This is to ensure your security and non involvement in cases of Identity Theft.

Thanks for taking time in reading our offer.

Best Regards.
Mr. Luan Newborn
(Public Relations Officer)

Start Point Limited
P.O.Box5, Baotou, Outer Mongolia
Baotou, Nel Mongol
10423. Mongolia
Tel/Fax: 0247 – 1258311


Copyright © Starpoint Limited 1999 all rights reserved…

3 thoughts on “That ‘Check Receiving’ job IS a scam!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This blog and that blog post or company from mongolia has nothing to do with me. They obviously took some of my writing and used it on their site. I dont work for them as some foreign person. They took my sales copy I use for a membership site and used my name. I need my name taken off of this blog post at once. I’ll have my attorney remove this if you continue to ignore my emails and use my name for rankings. I demand my name be removed from this blog post! This is copyright infringement to use my original content and writings on your blog and associate it with some scam company in Mongolia. Please respond to my emails about this.


  2. Eric says:

    What is this? I never said anything of the sort above, never heard of that company and it seems they are using my copywriting for their own site. I’ve never heard of star points and will further investigate this obvious fraud and use of a fake testimonial I never left.


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