eBay feels the pain of phishing (at last)

A news report in eWeek has me chuckling ruefully. A Romanian calling himself ‘Vladuz’ is causing havoc at eBay and eBay has been forced to take notice. Due to a combination of spam phishing attempts by emails such as these, and (he claims) hacking of the eBay databases, he has been able to get access to thousands of eBay accounts, creating bogus listings, which in turn end up being a one-way conduit of cash for the scammer.

eBay LogoThis is nothing new. The scale is all that has changed. Scamdex has been working with some brave, tireless, selfless individuals who are so incensed with the listing of obviously (to them) counterfeit, bogus or downright fraudulent auctions that they have bombarded eBay customer support to report and bring down the listings before anyone got caught [more].

eBay has never had much in the way of fast reporting of fraudulent/counterfeit/suspicious/misleading auctions (would a small button hurt, eBay?) but maybe it will start to take the problem more seriously. It obviously cannot adequately police the millions of auctions listed every day – it’s about time it started trusing it’s own community a bit more and started using their expertise to help out.

“He may be getting loads of publicity from posting onto eBay forums as a service rep and taunting eBay—”Durzy is full OF sh*t,” he wrote about eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy in a February posting after Durzy said that Vladuz had not accessed internal systems. But that just means he got lucky once and hit upon an internal e-mail that had a screenshot containing customer service reps’ e-mail account information, eBay maintains.”

An anti-eBay website called ebaymotorssucks.com has been monitoring the scam and says the scale is huge. I suggest you visit their site and see the damage for yourself first hand.

  • Some nice graphs showing eBay auction spikes due to hacking.

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  1. Will White says:

    Auctionerrol.com check for scams on eBay for before you bid!! 🙂

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