Richard and Judy – Cheesy Competition Scam

UK Broadcaster Channel 4 faces damaging allegations that the Richard And Judy show is systematically cheating viewers out of tens of thousands of pounds in a premium-rate phone quiz scam.

The phone in number goes up and thousands of people call in on a premium rate phone number, paying £1.00 ($2.00) to enter the competition. Within 7 minutes, the winners have already been chosen and their details sent on to the show. But then, a few minutes later, a second on-screen solicitation goes out and thousands more phone in, unaware that they have no chance of winning.

The daily competition makes a healthy profit of around £1 million/year. It will be nice to see them paying all that money back.

Not Cricket, Richard!

Update Feb 24 2007

Channel 4 was warned more than two years ago in a devastating email that the Richard And Judy phone-in competition was ‘unfair’, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The correspondence, which implicates the broadcaster in the scandal for the first time, was sent on September 15, 2004, by telephone service provider Eckoh after it won the contract to run the You Say, We Pay quiz.

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