Scamdex Logo Competition – Major Prizes!

As you may have guessed, my design skills are not my best feature. Since I launched Scamdex in 2004, the logo I designed using the excellent (and simple) ‘Banner Maker Pro‘ product has remained. I recently bought a copy of Xara3D (v5) and got to work. Here’s what I came up with: New Scamdex Logo? – Not bad eh?

I got a bit silly and tried out some of the animated functions but they made me feel dizzy after a while:

Animated Scamdex Logo

Anyway, here’s the deal: if someone with design skills can make me a decent logo/template design (no shockwave please!), I’ll give out a major reward.

  1. Top prize is a website hosted by me. you provide the domain name. (really!)
  2. Second prize is a signed photo of my cat, William of Orangevale.
  3. Third prize is a stack of 1640 interlocking pavers, used, red color – you haul.
  4. Forth prize is this mug of tea (with refill).

See – really exciting prizes and all completely bone-a-fido.

Send your lovely submissions to webmaster_of_scamdex(a)

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