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The "Pump and Dump" Stock Market Scam

By By (Matthew Paulson)

Have you ever gotten a "stock tip" in an unsolicited email? Chances are it's a
scam, read on to learn how the scam works so that you can avoid it!

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Christmas-Investment Warning SCAM

By money

This is just another scam, let’s see. First people were confused about this is
another program from Denmark-Investment, their members received an email saying
that but now it seems that someone hacked their database and send an email

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Did you get this email about a mother?

By paymane

A friend of mine got this email, did you get it too? if you did, it's a scam,
don't respond to it. BA SALAM jenab aghay ******** man ****** hastam va az *****
ba shoma tamass migiram . man emrooz be donbal aghay **** ***** az doustan

پیمانه –

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