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20/20 invests the nigerian scams…haha, i found this

By harvey

the scammers from Nigeria pull up email addresses from America…and people fell
for it… this article was about clinton + money scam… link to full article. (more…)

A misanthrope’s guide to life –

Rob-B-Hood 2 Auditions Are Nothing But A Scam

By (

It seems that a certain email has been circulating here offering its recepient a
chance to audition for a part in the sequel to Solon So, a spokesperson for
Jackie Chan, was reported as saying that the recruitment email… more[…]

BlogDance: The best film / movie… –

Protecting Yourself From Scams

By sprezzaturaron(sprezzaturaron)

Its this money pressure that drives scam artists out in the open and into your
email Inbox. "Make $20 by filling surveys in your partime." Sounds great. So how
do you find out what is going to make you wealthy and what is going after

Warning: Life Under Construction –

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