Administration Department

  ● Vacancy: bank courier
  ● Requirements: dependable and serious worker, with good health. Age 18 to 60, doesn;t matter if it's male or female, no past experience required, education at least high school.
  ● Duties: duties include recieveing money to your bank account and sending them to our agents in our country. Around 1-3 money transfers a day. You have to ride taxi to the location required in your city, so we can work fast, but we pay for any vacation or hospital needs, job requires 1-2 hours a day. Working Day starts from 09:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. Weekends: saturday, sunday.
  ● Raises and Benefits: starts from 1850 US dollars per week.

Evaluation Department

  ● Vacancy: RealEstate and business Evaluator.
  ● Requirements: 1 year experience required and financial school degree.
  ● Raises and Benefits: starts from 4000 US dollars per week.

Marketing Department

  ● Vacancy: manager of marketing department (Analyst of the market of financial services )
  ● Requirements: bachelors financial degree or economy degree (market specialization), past experience 1+ year in financial marketing services, knowledge of central bank system. Translation of professional literature. Knowledge of WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT, ACCESS.
  ● Raises and Benefits: starts from 3000 US dollars per week.

Sales Operation Department

  ● Vacancy: stocks sales-manager
  ● Requirements: no past experience
  ● Raises and Benefits: high due to high results