The Scam Email Archive : 1987

The Scam Email Archive for 1987 contains 2 emails as of Thursday 19th January, 2017

S Advance Fee Fraud/419       P Phishing, ID Theft       A Auction/Escrow       L Lotto/Lottery       E Employment/Job       G Generic      

Date: December 1987

001  Classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 scam S From:Mrs.Monica.   
SUMMARY: From:Mrs.Monica.
18 Sunheight Randburg East
Johannesburg South Africa.
Phone:27 73 5943438.
Dear Sir,
This may appear a bit surprising to you but very
beneficial as a matter of urgentcy,I am desparately
looking for a foriegn partner whom i can trust to handle
some investment or fund movement.
I am Mrs.Monica.F.Rossman,wife of late Mr.Frank Rossman,
who was murdered by the Zimbabwean veterans and irrate
I am writing from South Africa.I got your address from the
internet through the consultancy directory during my
search for a reliable and honest person to transact this
business with.
I write to solicit for your special assistance to a
family shattered by a tyrannical government led by a
dictator and his(ZANU-PF)ruling party-president Robert
Because of land and farm land crisis in Zimbab More ...
002  Classified as a  scam  OVER INFLUENCE CONTRACT INVOICE-REPLY ME    daniel kadi
SUMMARY: More ...