The Scam Email Archive : 1986

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Date: July 1986

001  Classified as a Generic scam G Colonial Banks Web site will be updated    Renewal Support Team
SUMMARY: Colonial Banks Web site will be updated
"Renewal Support Team" <>
Dear WebBiz/WireBiz Customer:
You should have received a notice recently about the upcoming security
enhancement on July 16, 2008 to WebBiz and WireBiz called Colonial
Connection. We would like to remind you that your existing digital certificate
not provide access to Colonial Connection.
Colonial Connection will provide additional security information, such
as digital certificate installation instructions, digital certificate
removal instructions, updated FAQs and information regarding potential
security threats.
Colonial Banks Web site will be updated with a change to the login
section. Dont forget, within the updated login section, WebBiz and
WireBiz will be replaced with Treasury Management. WebBiz and WireBiz
customers must click Treasury Management to access Colonial Connect More ...