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Subject:  personal message from Mrs. Monica Elsworth
From:  monica elsworth <>
Date:  Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:45:39 -0700

A Scam Email with the Subject "personal message from Mrs. Monica Elsworth" was received in one of Scamdex's honeypot email accounts on Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:45:39 -0700 and has been classified as a Advance Fee Fraud/419 Scam. The sender was monica elsworth <>, although it may have been spoofed.

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<DIV><STRONG>From Mrs. Monica Elsworth <BR>Glendoven Farms <BR></STRONG><SP=
AN id=3Dlw_1181543933_0 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px d=
ashed; HEIGHT: 1em"><STRONG>Zimbabwe</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG>.&nbsp;<BR></ST=
p;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; INVITATION FOR PARTNERSHIP </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><BR><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I a=
m well confident of your capability of executing this transaction for the m=
utual benefit of both families, believing that you will not expose or betra=
y the trust and confident I am about to repose to you. </STRONG></DIV>
bsp; I am contacting you with the greatest delight and personal respect. I =
am Mrs. Monica Elsworth, the wife of late Dr. Dennis Elsworth, we used to w=
ork in three tobacco farms in Chipping&nbsp; together with my late husband =
that was murdered by the forces loyal to </STRONG><SPAN id=3Dlw_1181543933_=
1 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed; HEIGHT: 1em"><S=
TRONG>President Robert Mugabe</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG> due to their support =
in acquiring his land and property during the crisis in </STRONG><SPAN id=
=3Dlw_1181543933_2 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed=
; HEIGHT: 1em"><STRONG>Zimbabwe</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG> last year. Which co=
ntinued and led to the lost of several lives of foreign (white) farmers as =
reported on cable network news (CNN) and by the British broadcasting Corpor=
ation (BCC). </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I got your contact =
while I was doing a private research on the Internet, for a reliable person=
 for partnership investment overseas. Believing you are sincere and trustwo=
rthy person and of transparent honesty and capable of handling this transac=
tion to the best of your knowledge on assisting my son and I, in transferri=
ng the sum of US$ 11,500, 000.00. (Eleven Million, Five Hundred Thousand Un=
ited State Dollars Only), into a foreign account for safe keeping pending o=
n arrival to your country for our investment plan. </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>You may need to know how this fund originated. The sum was inh=
erited from my late husband who was assassinated by </STRONG><SPAN id=3Dlw_=
1181543933_3 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed; HEIG=
HT: 1em"><STRONG>Robert Mugabe</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG>'s aides in view of a=
cquiring his land and property. I got to know of this fund when our family =
lawyer, approached me few months ago with some documents that my late husba=
nd had filed with him in the file, I realized that my late husband (blessed=
 memory) has written "will" which he specifically pointed my attention and =
I quote. </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>My darling wife, I wish to draw your attention to the sum of U=
S$11,500, 000.00 (Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand United state dollars=
) which I deposited with a security company in </STRONG><SPAN id=3Dlw_11815=
43933_4 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed; HEIGHT: 1=
em"><STRONG>South Africa</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG> . All documents concerning=
 the fund is filed with our family lawyer and you can make lay claim of the=
 fund in case of my absence on earth only by death. I made an agreement wit=
h the Security Company that my foreign partner will stand as a beneficiary =
to lay claim of the money.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The beneficiary wil=
l come forward to make claim of the consignment. Dr. Dennis Elsworth, my la=
te husband advised me through my lawyer, that incase if he dies that I shou=
ld look for a foreigner who will stand as the beneficiary of the fund so th=
at the fund will be transfer to his or her account for partnership investme=
nt. </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>From the above you can understand that my future especially th=
at of my son depends strongly on this money. I will like you to assist us i=
n transferring this money into your account for investment. You can contact=
 my son Christopher in </STRONG><SPAN id=3Dlw_1181543933_5 style=3D"CURSOR:=
 hand; BORDER-BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed; HEIGHT: 1em"><STRONG>South Africa=
</STRONG></SPAN><STRONG> on TEL:+27-73-123-7985 for more details, as he has=
 been to </STRONG><SPAN id=3Dlw_1181543933_6 style=3D"CURSOR: hand; BORDER-=
BOTTOM: #0066cc 1px dashed; HEIGHT: 1em"><STRONG>South Africa</STRONG></SPA=
N><STRONG> to arrange with some bankers that will assist in this transfer. =
<DIV><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For your assistance in th=
is regard, it will interest you to know that we will be willing to come to =
terms with you regarding your reward for helping us actualize this matter. =
It is equally important to state here that considering the nature of this m=
atter, we will require that it is handled most discreetly. Kindly contact u=
s using the above particulars upon receipt of this letter for execution det=
ails and other necessary discussions. Your private phone and fax number wil=
l be needed for easier communication thank you in anticipation of your trus=
ted and genuine assistance I remain, </STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp; Yours Sincerely, <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbs=
p; Monica Elsworth (Mrs.) <BR></STRONG></DIV>
<DIV><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Please Reply to E-mail: </STRONG><A h=
ref=3D"" target=3D_blank rel=3Dnofollow><SPAN id=3Dlw_1181543933_7 style=
=3D"BACKGROUND: none transparent scroll repeat 0% 0%"><U><FONT color=3D#003=
<STRONG> <BR>TEL:+27-73-123-7985</STRONG></DIV><br /><hr />Connect to the n=
ext generation of MSN Messenger=A0  <a href=3D'
nger/launch80/default.aspx?locale=3Den-us&source=3Dwlmailtagline' target=3D=
'_new'>Get it now! </a></body>