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Irregular Account Activity: Urgent Response Required" from Bank of America
Received: Mon, 12 May 2008 16:12:18 -0700     Classification: Generic    Popularity: 25 hits    SE Indexed: 59 hits   
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Dear Bank Of America Customer


We detected irregular activity on your Bank of America account on 04/04/2008. For your account protection, online access is now locked, and you must verify this activity before you can continue
using your account. If you are the account owner, you will need to reset your Sign-in credentials.

Please click the button below to begin the verification process. Once this is done, you can continue
using your online banking access without any future disappointment.

(Failure to verify account details within 24 hours of this email notification may lead to account disconnection)


Thank you for helping us protect your account

Note! You will be held responsible for any misuse of your Bank of America online account if your account is not updated within 24 hours of this alert.

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