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The Scamdex Scam Tip Off Report contains community-submitted reports of scams seen. Often there is duplication but also often, scammers use the same name or email address or website for different scams. Drill Down to find other matches.
this list shows the number of times a specific email, name, telephone number, fax number or website has been reported.

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Date Title Type
Wills/Probate Scam
2015-07-31 will
2015-07-30 Accountant Joe Williams will
2015-07-25 Mailed beneficiary settlement will
2015-07-22 Life Insurance Claim for a supposed deceased relative with same last name will
2015-07-20 Insurance Inheritance US 6.8 Million from John Allen Hamilton Wills/Probate Scam will
2015-07-17 Received letter on it says manulife and prepaid letter mail 1681346 will
2015-07-17 Unclaimed life insurance will
2015-07-15 Insurance Inheritance US 6.8 Million from John Allen Hamilton will
2015-07-15 Darren smith will
2015-07-14 MaryGrace McNear will
2015-07-14 inheritance will
2015-07-13 Will/inheritance will
2015-07-13 2nd Notice will
2015-07-12 John Allen Hamilton Accountant, Beneficiary statement settlement letter will
2015-07-11 Probate/life insurance scam will
2015-07-04 Beneficiary Settlement will
2015-07-03 letter for official beneficiary settlement will
2015-07-02 beneficiary will
2015-06-29 via fax: will
2015-06-24 Beneficiary Settlement will
2015-06-22 Inheritance Scam will
2015-06-17 Official Letter Beneficiary Settlement will
2015-06-16 Inheritance scam will
2015-06-11 shanghai commercial bank will
2015-06-08 Dennis Chan Kwok-Sun accountant will
2015-06-08 Inheritance will
2015-05-30 inheritance will
2015-05-26 Julie Mckenzie, email scam will
2015-05-22 23148: No Title Given will
2015-05-22 Official Beneficiary Settlement Letter will
2015-05-14 Formal dress will
2015-04-28 Please be aware of this Inheritance Scam will
2015-04-27 Email, saying this lady that is 72 years old with cancer, named Karen Smith will
2015-04-24 beneficiary recipient of 10,000,000.00 will
2015-04-24 inheritence will
2015-04-22 conrad, rob will
2015-04-22 i decided to bequeath the sum of $10,000,000 to you will
2015-04-16 22965: No Title Given will
2015-03-30 Email Scam will