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Wills/Probate Scam
22581       2015-02-13 $1,000,000,000 will
22203       2015-01-06 Benificiary will
22078       2014-12-18 I decided to bequeath the sum of $10,000,000.00 to you.Contact Attorney Michael will
21906       2014-11-28 Text from "" regarding vital info on inheritance in my name will
21569       2014-10-22 will
20129       2014-06-30 This scam came through my email from:Swinson Peggy I want to donate to u $10 m will
18671       2014-04-25 email recieved to my personal account will
18512       2014-04-20 Hospital Attendant Gail James emailing to alert of dying wish of my inheritance and contact atty below will
17773       2014-03-26 WILL!!!!! will
17761       2014-03-26 Dr. will
17726       2014-03-25 RE: GRANT FUNDS will
16691       2014-02-20 Donation Of Banguest will
16664       2014-02-20 Email from Lindsay on behalf of Margaret Crawford. A bequest to me through will
16484       2014-02-13 Mrs Emily Rogers have willed her inheritance to you will
15787       2014-01-21 My Will of 10 Million to you-(Contact my lawyer will
15594       2014-01-14 my bequest to you will
15415       2014-01-09 Attorney Gilbert Rogers will
15115       2013-12-24 Mrs Jenny Bishop, Inheritance, humanitarian work will
14789       2013-12-13 First email from David Miller saying he needed to discuss Merrick COOMBES-I replied, I don't know Merrick COOMBES what's it in will
13359       2013-10-28 email titled "Michael"...he insinuates that he is an attorney and wants to present me as "next of kin" will
13191       2013-10-24 Late Engr. Robert Adler will
12389       2013-09-27 12389: No Title Given will
12388       2013-09-27 12388: No Title Given will
12297       2013-09-23 On behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford will
12285       2013-09-23 The last 10,000,000,00 Will of Catherine Davidson will
12163       2013-09-16 Angie-Hembree will
11778       2013-08-27 I need to discuss with you about Merrick MENDOZA. David Miller. will
11750       2013-08-26 e mail will
11734       2013-08-25 David Miller [] Inheritance scam will
11697       2013-08-22 email...from.. will
11362       2013-08-01 WILL/DONATION ATT; BENRFICIARY will
11063       2013-07-18 Bequest notice will
10722       2013-07-02 email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford will
10239       2013-06-06 Newton Chambers attorney for Natasha Davis will
10170       2013-06-03 phishing scam will
9768       2013-05-14 Mrs. Hamilton. wishes to set-up her estate to you for charity. contact her will
8135       2013-02-15 Cancer patient leaving 10 million will
7325       2013-01-10 A will find Scam (Mrs. Lillian Bishop) will
6799       2012-12-11 Please contact my Attorney, Mark Howard with this specified email ( will
6797       2012-12-11 will scam will