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The Scamdex Scam Tip Off Report contains community-submitted reports of scams seen. Often there is duplication but also often, scammers use the same name or email address or website for different scams. Drill Down to find other matches.
this list shows the number of times a specific email, name, telephone number, fax number or website has been reported.

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Date Title Type
Wills/Probate Scam
2015-11-27 Inheritance will
2015-11-25 in my Email will
2015-11-20 Official Beneficiary Settlement Letter will
2015-11-18 Will Execution will
2015-11-18 Liliane Bettencourt will
2015-11-18 inheitance scam will
2015-11-16 Will Execution will
2015-11-16 Text message titled "Will Execution!" will
2015-11-15 Text message about will recipient will
2015-11-10 Inheritance will
2015-11-04 Hirtle named me benefactor will
2015-10-22 Love, Todd will
2015-10-22 A text message on my phone stating "Trying to reach you. Please email for an inheritance claim in my name will
2015-10-20 Attn; Beneficiary will
2015-10-19 Mrs.Mariam Robinson will
2015-10-16 From: "Paul Cambo Baloyi.." will
2015-10-15 Inheritance of Mrs. Maria D. Brown contact Attorney Garry Powell for details will
2015-10-14 Mr. LEUNG Cheung Hang Seng Bank Limited. will
2015-10-08 Re: My Proposal will
2015-10-06 micheal newton will
2015-10-06 25071: No Title Given will
2015-10-05 Twila Laws....Inheritance scam will
2015-10-02 Karen Martinez personal donation/inheritance will
2015-09-30 Mrs.Joy Lake.......inheritance scam will
2015-09-30 Magnus Zebee......Inheritance Scam will
2015-09-23 Please help me out from here,...(Hilarious inheritance scam) will
2015-09-21 24615: No Title Given will
2015-09-20 4.2 million dollars will
2015-09-19 Re: I need your help on this transfer please reply to back will
2015-09-17 Fritz Hindenburg will
2015-09-17 Scammer claiming person with same last name as mine died will
2015-09-06 I received an Email from "Diane Sterba" Bequeathing me $10 million; I am to contact "" will
2015-09-03 email will
2015-09-03 10,000,000. Will will
2015-09-01 scam about old widow leaving me her 10,000,000 will will
2015-08-31 Karen Smith WIDOW will
2015-08-25 Scammer - Your Long-lost Relative has passed away and left a large sum of money will
2015-08-18 will
2015-08-14 23875: No Title Given will