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The Scamdex Scam Tip Off Report contains community-submitted reports of scams seen. Often there is duplication but also often, scammers use the same name or email address or website for different scams. Drill Down to find other matches.
this list shows the number of times a specific email, name, telephone number, fax number or website has been reported.

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ID/Date Title Type
17449       2014-03-17 Followup to Tip #16193
queza_p1@torba.comMallinson (this is me not Julia)where was sent
17446       2014-03-17 Large sum of money donated to you lotto
quaze_2@torba.comJulia MallinsonPedro Quezada
17444       2014-03-17 Email from saying 750,000 Dollars was donated to you, none
17435       2014-03-17 Followup to Tip #12999
julia.mallinson@interioirhelath.caMallinson, Julia
17429       2014-03-17 Followup to Tip #17419
Julia.Mallinson@interiorhealth.caJulia MallinsonInterior Health
17419       2014-03-17 Mallinson, Julia ( lotto
quaze_2@torba.comMallinson, Julia ( QUEZADA
17414       2014-03-16 Followup to Tip #16199
15508       2014-01-13 High-Qualified Candidate Wanted job
davies.hrd1980job@gmail.comJulian Daviesnone
15320       2014-01-05 We have found your resume on job
EmailNameOrganizationFaxTelephoneWebsite DaviesOutsource Assistant Limitedn/an/aviahost374.hostmonster
15296       2014-01-03 Job Scam job
EmailNameOrganizationFaxTelephone DaviesNot advisedNot AdvisedNot Advised
15282       2014-01-02 15282: No Title Given job
davies.hrd1980@hotmail.comjulian daviesfsa agentnonenonenone
15228       2013-12-30 "my ful lname" Mon. Dec.30, 2013, 7:14 AM job
julian.job1980hrd@gmail.comJulian Davies did not mentionnonenone
15195       2013-12-28 dating
15036       2013-12-21 Followup to Tip #14444 none
williams.julian.job1987@gmail.comJulian Williams
15033       2013-12-21 We came across your resume at job
EmailName Davies
14995       2013-12-19 Followup to Tip #14444 none
hrd.ukwilliams0972@gmail.comJulian WilliamsGlobal Solutions Ltd
14902       2013-12-16 Followup to Tip #14444 none
williams.julian.job1987@gmail.comJulian WilliamsUnnamed recruitment agency
14886       2013-12-16 Recruiting job
Julian williamsHr advisor
14842       2013-12-14 You've got the greatest oppertunity to change your life job
julian.hrd989@gmail.comMiss Julian KanePRODUCTION SERVICES LIMITEDNoneNone
14444       2013-12-03 Julian Williams job offer job
EmailNameOrganization Julian WilliamsGLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD
14346       2013-11-28 Job title is Payment Processing Agent job
julian.hrd345@gmail.comJulian WilliamsGlobal Solutions Ltd02032873259
14343       2013-11-28 job
EmailNameOrganization s danfordHuman Resource Department itsolutions
14298       2013-11-27 Ms Julian Kane job
julian.jobuk34@gmail.comJulian KaneProduction services LTD
14111       2013-11-20 14111: No Title Given job
Julia AdrianIT Solutions
14074       2013-11-19 you may have the skills we require job
EmailNameOrganizationFaxTelephoneWebsite Adrian FS Agent PositionNoneNoneNone mentioned
14071       2013-11-19 'You've got the greatest opportunity to change your life (plus Name, Date and Time)' job
EmailNameOrganizationWebsite AdrianIT Solutions /
13803       2013-11-11 FSA Vacancy Scam job
itsolutionsltd.job@gmail.comJulia AdrianIT-Service Solutions Ltd
13797       2013-11-11 It is a Fs agent scam, it got emailed to my gmail account from another gmail account. it says it got my job off of total jobs. job
EmailNameOrganizationFaxTelephoneWebsite Adrianitservice.solutionsNot providedNot providedNot provided
13796       2013-11-11 13796: No Title Given business
EmailNameOrganizationFaxTelephone AdrianITsolutionsN/AN/A
13720       2013-11-08 Followup to Tip #13436 none
EmailName Adrian
13662       2013-11-06 Followup to Tip #13104 none
EmailName Butler
13597       2013-11-05 Followup to Tip #13104 none
job@itsevice-solutions-limited.orgjulia butlerjulia butler IT Accountancy Ltd0208 1338793
13496       2013-11-01 Followup to Tip #13104 none
EmailName Butler
13404       2013-10-30 You interest is important to us,[NAME] - Wed. Oct.30, 2013, 8:27 AM‏ job
EmailName Butler
13342       2013-10-28 THROUGH AN EMAIL IT IS A JOB OFFER job
EmailNameOrganization ADRIANIT SOLUTIONS
13198       2013-10-24 Potential Employee, Winga Malcom - Wed. Oct.23, 2013, 4:50 PM job
Julia Adrian
13116       2013-10-22 Followup to Tip #13111 none
job@itsevice-solutions-limited.orgJulia AdrianIT-SERVICE SOLUTIONS LIMITED0808189138802081338793
13111       2013-10-22 13111: No Title Given job
Julia Butler
13104       2013-10-22 October 22, 2013 9:59:09 AM - You've got a new job proposition, potential Candidate! job
EmailNameOrganization Butlerit office ltd
12804       2013-10-14 used car sale going to Afghanistan class
EmailNameOrganizationTelephoneWebsite BoderDefence