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The Scamdex Scam Tip Off Report contains community-submitted reports of scams seen. Often there is duplication but also often, scammers use the same name or email address or website for different scams. Drill Down to find other matches.
this list shows the number of times a specific email, name, telephone number, fax number or website has been reported.

There are 45 Scam Tip Reports where Name matches "Gloria Mackenzie (showing the top 40) "     revise

Date Title Type
Generic/Unspecified Scam
2016-03-14 Scamming e-mail none
2016-03-12 Gloria Mackenzie Scam none
2014-12-07 Followup to Tip #14052 (Mrs Gloria C. Mackenzie powerball winner) none
2014-06-25 Followup to Tip #17524 (Email) none
2014-06-07 Followup to Tip #19665 (came as txt saying goodmorning. is gmackenzie the jackpot winner in florida wants to give you a charity donation. no txt email ) none
2014-06-04 Followup to Tip #17492 (donation to ne and mine) none
2014-06-04 Followup to Tip #17492 (donation to ne and mine) none
2014-06-04 Followup to Tip #17492 (donation to ne and mine) none
2014-06-04 Followup to Tip #17492 (donation to ne and mine) none
2014-06-04 Followup to Tip #17492 (donation to ne and mine) none
2014-04-23 Followup to Tip #18552 () none
2014-03-22 Followup to Tip #15056 (Mrs Gloria C Mackenzie) none
2014-01-20 Followup to Tip #13335 (Contact Bristol Trust Bank) none
2013-11-23 Followup to Tip #13335 (Contact Bristol Trust Bank) none
Lottery Scam
2015-09-25 You have won a 2 million USD donation by Gloria Mackenzie lotto
2014-10-09 Attention: Congratulations! Cash Donation was made to you: Please contact: Mrs. Gloria Mackenzie via email: ( mckgloria8 lotto
2014-10-01 2 million dollars danated to me lotto
2014-09-15 Cash Donation $800,000.00 lotto
2014-09-15 21131: No Title Given lotto
2014-06-22 19989: No Title Given lotto
2014-06-14 Gloria Mackenzie lotto
2014-06-11 19816: No Title Given lotto
2014-05-04 $800,000 USD Cash Donation. lotto
2014-05-03 Mrs. Gloria Mackenzie lotto
2014-03-24 Lottery Winner Gloria Mackenzie Telling me she will give me money lotto
2014-03-19 Email lotto
2014-03-13 RESPONSE TO YOUR MAIL. lotto
2014-03-11 $800,000 USD Donation Payment. lotto
2014-03-10 17221: No Title Given lotto
2014-03-02 Lottery Scam lotto
2014-03-01 donation of two million dollars lotto
2014-02-28 16926: No Title Given lotto
2014-02-04 Text message lotto
2014-01-12 15489: No Title Given lotto
2013-12-23 emailed me lotto
Classified Ads Scam
2014-05-20 19335: No Title Given class
2014-03-18 Donation class
Charity scam
2015-09-23 Gloria Mackenzie charity
2015-04-21 Gloria Mackenzie at it again charity
2014-07-15 gloria mackenzie charity

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