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Social Network Scam Scam Tips Received
Reported by Anonymous
at 2016-02-03
Scammer Source was email Golden surrogacy[ Social Network Scam - Other Job Site ]
Me and a very nice couple were going through this agency. I always do a deep search on everything before getting into anything serious. This buisness has 2 address. Both in which the surrogacy doesn't reside at. 0 reviews. It's nonclassified establishment and made from an LLC. Only 5 people "work" there. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2016-01-30
Scammer Source was social+1 started insisting call him endearing pronouns, honey, dearEmail Attached [ Social Network Scam ]
Kostelecky had 15 facebook friends; 2 men, 12 women over age 60. He asked about my income several or more times and continuously expressed he fell in love with me. He stressed mutual trust. In one week he asks to borrow $3,000.00 for meds and medical procedures for his aunt/2nd mom/sister. States the doctor needs the money before she gets treatment for a supposed lung infection requiring surgery. He uses messenger associated with facebook for sending pictures. Also uses email. Used telephone contact ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2016-01-25
Vallejo, CA USA
Scammer Source was email Untitled Social Network Scam - Google Checkout, #26556[ Social Network Scam - Google Checkout ]
Letter sent as follows: Gmail by Google Windows Live Hotmail Barry Delp Dear winner winner of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars. Requires Name, address, sex, phone, occupation, state, country.... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2016-01-19
Scammer Source was social Military[ Social Network Scam ]
Scamming women out of there money while romancing them... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2016-01-16
Scammer Source was email+1 My gmail received a letter allegedly from gmail and microsoft[ Social Network Scam - Google Checkout ]
Got a letter sent to my gmail account on a Friday night that said I had won $500,000.00 from Gmail Corporation and Microsoft Suface Pro3 Laptop. It asked for Name, address, phone, sex, age, occupation, state, and country. It gave me this email address : GMTFL@ OUTLOOK.COM and said Ineeded to give this information to someone named Mr. Barry Delp. I don't kmow why gmail has not sent a heads up letter to its gmail accounts to let them know of this and others recently sent. These people should be tracked a... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Les Mitchell
at 2016-01-12
Scammer Source was url how we do know whether this is a scam web site or not?[ Social Network Scam ]
... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2016-01-11
Berkeley, CA USA
Scammer Source was email Untitled Social Network Scam - Other Classified Ads Site, #26301[ Social Network Scam - Other Classified Ads Site ]
I won msn lottery for 5,000,reply with contact info ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by BarbaraB.
at 2016-01-07
Bedminster, NJ USA
Scammer Source was email Sgt. Andrew LesterEmail Attached [ Social Network Scam ]
It was an urgent message, saying he wanted to talk to me. He has contacted me twice. When I researched both names, I found your website warning the public about him and him constantly changing emails. It is irritating and personally pierces my heart. My son is an EMT who died in 2005 from an IED bomb in Iraq while trying to save lives. This person who is probably fictitious needs to be punished by any means necessary. Thank you for doing the work that you do because it is certainty an invaluable miss... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-12-24
St Louis, MO USA
Scammer Source was social+1 money scam. [ Social Network Scam ]
Sent me a friend request from a person I know, Alan Danzek. I accepted request and "Alan" told me i was on a winners list from Facebook. He claimed to have received $50,000 in cash via UPS. Told me to friend request Rickey Joe Kuykendall, friend request him and he would tell me what I had to do. Got immediate response from "Rickey" who said I was on the winners list and I needed to answer a series of questions on line NOW to receive the money. I did not, but obvious scam... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-12-24
Scammer Source was email Subject: season greetingEmail Attached [ Social Network Scam ]
A donation was made to you. Contact ( for more information. ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-12-15
Scammer Source was social Fake company cited by love-scam males on Facebook[ Social Network Scam ]
Abraham Johnson asks to be a friend on Facebook saying he is a divorced father of two living in Buffalo, New York. He also says he is based in London, UK. He claims to be a marine engineer on a cargo route from coastal West Africa to Germany. He says vaguely affectionate things but is not obscene. I thought he was OK as I had told him I am unavailable and already had friends in African countries (not scammers as proven by longterm connections through universities). However his photo in various poses appears... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-12-13
Scammer Source was email email (Impre Ssive)[ Social Network Scam ]
From: Impre Ssive To: This is to inform you that your Email has won $900,000 US Dollars and A brand new (2015AUDI Q5) which is organized by Audi Automobile Company in India "Your Email Address" was selected through a computer ballot system drawn from Nine Hundred Thousand emails from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceanic as part of our international annual promotions program. Which is conducted annually, 10 people was selected as our winners. Ba... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-12-03
Scammer Source was url Samsung promo draw[ Social Network Scam ]
Says you've won money & Samsung galaxy phone & an I pad.through Samsung promo deal. Invites winner to fly out to Kuala Lumpur . Or if work or other commitments prevent you from doing this gives you an other option to contact infinity logistics manager SHANE MALIK. the original email is sent from a MRS SARAH WILLIAMS.promotions manager for Samsung . Of course there is a logistics company called infinity logistics sdn bhd. BUT the one they give you is infinity logistics (qc) sdn bhd. You are then asked to con... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-11-19
Scammer Source was email Microsoft said I won 500,000 dollies they require address and phone and email addresses received 11/19/2015[ Social Network Scam - Google Checkout ]
... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-11-14
Frankfurt GERMANY
Scammer Source was social Lottery donation, charity, sharingEmail Attached [ Social Network Scam - Other Job Site ]
The person added me on Linkedin which I accepted because I saw the photo of a lady who seemed very nice and trustful. Then a few hours later, I received an message via linkedin, which started with "An interesting article i read now inspired me to do this. I just decided with the support of my family to voluntarily donate part of my won lottery funds to you as a charitable project to improve the... ". I sent an email to the address indicated with my name and my country. The next day I received an email that ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-11-03
Scammer Source was email Lloyds bank account verification Email Attached [ Social Network Scam - Yahoo ]
emal from ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-10-29
Scammer Source was email email scam saying i won five hundred thousand [ Social Network Scam - Yahoo ]
... ⇒ more ...
Reported by Anonymous
at 2015-10-22
Scammer Source was email I got an email saying that I won 5000,000,00 and they gave me an ID # which I had to send in with my mailing info and of course Email Attached [ Social Network Scam ]
Global~Courier Services Limited 24-Hours Service. Address: Plot No-40,Phase-3,industrial,Near Maruti Marketing Times,Okhla,Delhi 110019 India . Telephone:~ +447 9374 50254 Our Respected Customer : Darryl Carter. This delivery company has been assigned to deliver your winning parcel(Winning Cheque (Check)and Certificates of claim) to your residence.mail &Microsoft Incorporation in respect to the winning cheque(Check) issued in your favor which is bearing your name. (1) WINNERS CHEQUE (Check)FOR ... ⇒ more ...
Reported by -S-
at 2015-10-19
Bedminster, NJ USA
Scammer Source was "SCAMMER pretending to be MILITARY"[ Social Network Scam - Google Checkout ] sent me an email text 3 months ago stating that they were a Military member from back home in need of help. That was the end of the message. While I am a Proud Army Daughter I was still thrown off by this random text from someone by the name of J NO PETERS... The name alone threw me for a loop. Then I got side tracked and thought, I'll look into it later. Well the later has come and gone; all of the research that I have found points to J NO PETERS is JUST NOT GONNA GET ANY "HELP" FROM ME... ⇒ more ...
Reported by No Name
at 2015-10-09
Scammer Source was email Gmail laptop winner[ Social Network Scam - Google Checkout ]
Your email was one of 5 pick to win a free laptop ... ⇒ more ...
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